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Red Raider Gridiron | First Spring Practice in the Books

The first spring practice of 2014 is in the books. Davis Webb talks about continuing to compete as a player, we look at the running backs and we have some video from the first day of practice.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Webb a Changed Man: QB Davis Webb gets to talk to the media this year and he spoke to the media after yesterday's practice, where he said he is up to 210 and he is acting as if he is still competing for the starting job (via LAJ):

"I might not have guys breathing down my neck competing for a job," Webb said, "but I’m treating it like that. Today I was getting mad at myself every couple of throws, and coach Kingsbury’s really hard on me, which is great because he wants me to be really good."

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that Webb expects a lot of himself:

"He knows what I expect," Kingsbury said, "and I’ve said all along he’s very self-motivated and wants to be really, really good. So that makes it easy on me. If anything, it’s just brought us closer."

Running Back Depth: The final LAJ position preview focuses on the running backs, which is probably the position that needs the least amount of discussion (via LAJ).  The starter and back-up is pretty much set with Kenny Williams and DeAndre Washington as the backup, but we would all like to see a bit more Quinton White and running back coach Mike Jinks wants to see what White can offer:

"I want to make sure we get Quinton quite a few reps with the ones and make sure we give him a fair evaluation," Jinks said. "He’s kind of earned it. Those guys know what they’re doing, so I feel comfortable with them. We want to continue to develop depth."

Jinks also talks a bit about how fullback Rodney Hall earned his spot:

"He gave himself a chance to be successful," Jinks said. "He went over and busted his tail on the scout team. (Defensive coordinators) Mike Smith and coach (Matt) Wallerstedt would tell me, ‘This guy works. We’ve got to find a role for him, find a fit for him.’


Proposed defensive substitution rule defeated (via SB Nation).

The official site has your official preview of the spring (via Texas Tech) that has the new roster, although it doesn't appear that any weights have been updated.