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Texas Tech Football Position Preview | The Receivers

Texas Tech loses it's top two receivers from 2014 in Jace Amaro and Eric Ward, who will replace them and what does the rest of the depth chart and eligibility remaining look like.

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As always, this is just for fun and this gets interesting on the wide receiver side of things because I think there could be quite a bit of jockeying for position for the receiver spots. Let's go.

Depth Chart & Eligibility Remaining
Depth Player Year Ht/Wt. 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Wide Receivers
1st Team Reginald Davis SO 6-1/190
1st Team Derreck Edwards JR 6-1/165
2nd Team Dominique Wheeler SO 6-1/185
2nd Team Shawn Corker SR 6-1/195
3rd Team D.J. Polite-Bray SO 6-1/175
3rd Team Devin Lauderdale SO 5-11/170
4th Team Byron Daniels FR 6-1/170
4th Team Jakari Dillard FR 6-4/180
Inside Receivers
1st Team Jakeem Grant JR 5-6/160
1st Team Bradley Marquez SR 5-11/200
2nd Team Jordan Davis SR 5-9/170
2nd Team Dylan Cantrell SO 6-2/205
3rd Team Brad Pearson JR 6-3/210
3rd Team Brent Mitcham SR 5-8/185
4th Team Zach Austin SO 6-1/170
4th Team Ian Sadler FR 5-11/195
4th Team Cameron Batson FR 5-8/165

Wide Receivers

I think the coaching staff is pretty much set on Davis getting one of the starting spots, but it's everything after that which is a question. I legitimately believe that there's no real order right now and there is a lot to play for this spring. I think you could go between Edwards, Wheeler, Corker and Polite-Bray and not be wrong. I think they will change each day of the week. I've really only given the nod to Edwards and Corker based seniority, but this is a position group that is all about potential. Every one of these guys had potential at some point. Now, it's time to see who can play. The only guy that really saw time last year was Polite-Bray and even that was a bit off-and-on, not real consistent. Someone is going to get a chance to shine here, but I'm not at all sure who it is going to be.

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And all of these guys had great tape in high school, so it's tough for me to choose, but they all obviously have flaws and have been playing behind Ward for the past three years. Corker has always impressed me, but you don't take Ward off the field and he's probably physically the most dominating. Edwards has always had trouble adding weight, so that 165 pounds on a 6'1" frame is accurate. I think the coaches need a bigger presence on the outside. Wheeler has seemed like a guy that was like Davis, a former quarterback in high school, but Davis has obviously separated himself from Wheeler. Of the players here, there are few that offer the athletic potential like Wheeler does.

Lauderdale did get his grades in order to get to Texas Tech after just one year at Navarro J.C. and that speaks volumes to me. He is maybe the fastest player on the team with Grant and Middleton also being in the mix.

I think both Daniels and Dillard will be outside and it makes sense from my end, but we'll see how Dillard develops physically.

Inside Receivers

This sets up nicely with Grant and Marquez getting the starting spots, but it is obvious that this position is thin with scholarship talent. I think that's a problem. I have nothing against J. Davis, Pearson, Mitcham or Austin, but this group needs some playmakers inside. The biggest difference between guys on the outside and inside is how much they can get separation and I have my doubts that a walk-on guy can do that. Cantrell is physically dominant and each one of J. DAvis, Pearson, Mitcham or Austin probably offer something that can help, but you sorta want to have guys like Batson and Sadler moving up the depth charts very quickly when they get on campus.

I really don't know all that much about Austin, Mitcham or Pearson. I remember the latter two playing in the spring game last year, but nothing sticks out. Cantrell can really offer up some match-up problems and he'll catch anything that comes his way. If Sadler and Batson are all they are advertised to be, you could see how these guys could push their way to second team quickly . . . or . . .

Perhaps one of those talented outside receivers gets a look inside. If there are some wide receivers that are having a tough time getting a look, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see them get some looks here in the spring.