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Red Raider Gridiron | Preview of the Bandit with Robertson

The Bandit OLB spot is the final position for the LAJ to review, plus links on a Baylor investigation and major storylines as Texas Tech starts spring practice.

John Weast

We have the last position preview from the LAJ and we're taking a look at the Bandit Outside Linebacker position (via LAJ).  This position really isn't all that deep, not really at all for the spring.  You have Pete Robertson, the incumbent starter, to go along with Andre Ross, who could be held out most, if not all of the spring with back tightness, then Zach Winbush, who could swing between this position and the Raider OLB spot, and then Kris Williams, who is most likely not going to be able to practice this spring as he tore his ACL about 6 months ago and just isn't ready.

The article says that Robertson is at 235, up 10 pounds from last year, and defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt says that Ross fell out of favor last year (couldn't exactly remember what happened) and Winbush filled that spot. The one thing that stood out to me is what Wallerstedt thinks about Williams, who sounds like the linebacker that we've been thinking could be a huge help:

"I want to keep him outside," co-defensive coordinator Mike Smith said. "I think, looking at the conference now and seeing it for a year, your outside guy has to be one of those true (strong-side) ’backers, because you’re going to play teams where he’s going to be in a 9-technique (to the outside shoulder of a tight end), holding the edge.

"That’s what was tough. When we put Micah (Awe) there at Oklahoma, the edge was soft. They were just picking him up and taking him to the sideline, so I think you need that true big (strong-side) ’backer. That’s where I kind of see Kris Williams, his future — also at bandit, but make him that standup."

So I've been worried about the size of linebacker (as has many of you) and it sounds like Wallerstedt is aware of the idea that the BOLB needs to have some bigger size and I do think that Williams is probably going to be around the size of Robertson, while Awe is supposed to be at 225 or so after the end of the year.


Baylor Under Investigation: This is really long and you might want to ctrl+F to find Baylor or maybe you want to read the whole thing, but they are under investigation for ineligible contact with a junior (via SI).  I think that every coach in the country broke this rule as coaches will say hello to juniors when they're not supposed to because just saying "hello" is a violation.  Not a real big deal here.

Major Storylines: The DMN transitions to Tommy Magelssen and he takes a look at the three major storylines for the spring (via DMN).

Interview with Sadler: Here's a quick interview with signee WR Ian Sadler (via RRS).