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NCAA Elite 8 | Games Preview (Part 2) – Open Thread

The Elite 8 continues! I’ve got my picks for the games. Consider this your open gameday thread for all the tournament action today.

Jonathan Daniel


#7 Connecticut Huskies (29-8) vs #4 Michigan State Spartans (29-8)

Game Time – 1:20 PM

Preview - Connecticut looked great and their backcourt did wonderful against Iowa State. They showed leadership and ability to keep the lead and hold off a really solid group of Cyclones. Michigan State went back and forth with Virginia in their Sweet Sixteen game. The Spartans made critical shots and had some excellent defensive stops to get a victory. I think Michigan State is a better team than UConn, and I have to admit I did not think they were this good of a team when the tournament started. I pick Michigan State to win.

#2 Michigan Wolverines (28-8) vs #8 Kentucky Wildcats (27-10)

Game Time – 4:05 PM

Preview - Michigan had all they could handle from Tennessee, but held off for the win. The Wolverines have not played the stiffest competition yet and we will see what they are made of when they play Kentucky. The freshmen of UK are such a talent bunch that looks as if they could win the whole tourney at times. But, I sometimes have to remember this is all so new to most of the guys on the floor. Experience is a huge factor to how you closeout and win games in tight spots. Kentucky fought Louisville the whole game and stole the victory at the end looking like seasoned veterans on the court. I think UK has the talent to win against Michigan, but they have to play like they did against WSU and Louisville to pull off the upset. I pick UK to win.