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Texas Tech Football Position Preview | The Offensive Line

Texas Tech received some good news on Friday with Rashad Fortenberry receiving a medical waiver and will be eligible in 2014. Let's review the current depth chart and remaining eligibility of the offensive line.

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Since we have a much better idea as to who is where, I think this is more accurate than the previous depth charts. Still, it’s just a guess and it is supposed to be fun, so let’s go.

Depth Chart & Eligibility Remaining
Depth Player Year Ht/Wt. 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
1st Team Jared Kaster JR 6-3/275
2nd Team Tony Morales JR 6-3/315
3rd Team Joey White SR 6-4/320
1st Team Baylen Brown SO 6-5/305
1st Team Alfredo Morales JR 6-5/320
2nd Team Josh Outlaw RS FR 6-3/290
2nd Team James Polk SR 6-6/335
3rd Team Cody Hayes RS FR 6-5/275
3rd Team Robert Castaneda FR 6-5/275
1st Team Le'Raven Clark JR 6-5/320
1st Team Rashad Fortenberry SR 6-5/285
2nd Team Dominique Robertson JR 6-5/300
2nd Team Poet Thomas RS FR 6-5/335
3rd Team Trey Keenan SO 6-6/270
3rd Team Shaquille Davis JR 6-5/275
4th Team Matt Wilson JR 6-6/280
4th Team Justin Murphy FR 6-6/290


Kaster is the obvious choice here and I put Tony here for no real reason other than I think Texas Tech needs a fairly reliable alternative and I could see that happening over the spring. Kaster is supposed to be out all spring with a shoulder injury, which means that there will be some opportunity for someone to step up. Tony is the more healthy of the two Morales Brothers and that's the other reason for this. White is here because I don't see a lot of opportunity at any other position and this seems to make sense if he's even remotely cerebral.

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Defensive Tackles
Defensive Backs
Offensive Line
Running Backs


Brown cemented his placement at guard with an outstanding bowl game and he's just going to get better. With the other guard spot, I could see any number of alternatives, but this appears to be the position with the most depth, so long as some players can play. Outlaw and Hayes should have an inside track, but Polk gets the second string spot just because he's a senior. As an aside, I get the feeling that Polk might be one of those really nice guys that's struggled a bit with academics and things, but that the entire athletic department pulls for him and wants to see him get his degree and see him do things. Not that the athletic department doesn't do this for everyone, but I get the feeling that Polk is really liked and they cheer for him.


This sets up so much better with Fortenberry giving this team one more year after he was announced as receiving a medical redshirt. As you can see, had Fortenberry not made it, then Texas Tech would be relying on a JUCO player in Robertson or Davis, an unproven project in Thomas or an undersized tackle in Keenan or Wilson. So yeah, this needed to happen. In looking at the depth chart, it still doesn't make any sense to me as to why Clark would even be considered to be moved to guard, but I suppose that Alfredo is always injured and Outlaw and Hayes are unproven. At least with Davis and Robertson, there is some age there as they both played at the JUCO level. Seems obvious that some high school tackle prospects are going to be needed as part of the 2015 class.