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NCAA Elite 8 | Games Preview (Part 1) – Open Thread

The Elite 8 starts today! I’ve got my picks for the games. Consider this your open gameday thread for all the tournament action today.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports


#1 Florida Gators (35-2) vs #11 Dayton Flyers (26-10)

Game Time – 5:09 PM

Preview - How can you not root for Dayton to win this game? That is, unless you care more about your bracket then a true Cinderella story. I think Dayton has stunned everyone in the country, but you can never really bet against a basketball team from the Atlantic 10. Dayton is a team that makes shots, and plays great defense to win games.

Florida is a team that can do it all. UF has a team that wins because they cannot be stopped when they hit the floor, they have great players. Florida has been in the Elite Eight many times over the last few years, Dayton hasn’t been since 1984. I pick Florida to win this game, but I’d be happier watching Dayton pull off the seemingly impossible upset.

#1 Arizona Wildcats (33-4) vs #2 Wisconsin Badgers (29-7)

Game Time – 7:49 PM

Preview - Arizona gets the job done and wins, making clutch shots when they need it most. They play the game with a calm demeanor even when they are trailing. They do not get rattled by opponents. That is what it takes to be a champ. Freshman star Aaron Gordon continues to be consistently good for UA. He had 15 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 blocks in his Sweet Sixteen game.

Wisconsin can score big numbers and plays tough defense. The way they win is by physically dominating their opponents, and creating their own shots on offense. Frank Kaminsky has been a beast in this tourney. I think Arizona is the more polished team, and I think they have the caliber team to win a championship. I pick Arizona over Wisconsin.