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Texas Tech Morning Links | Softball Hosts Baylor; Kithuka Returns at Texas Relays

The softball team is hosting the Baylor Bears, while the track and field team is headed to Austin to participate in the Texas Relays and Kennedy Kithuka will anchor a relay team. Plus, more accolades for men's basketball signee Justin Gray.

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I'll hopefully have more time to cover all of the spring sports and everything else.  Just to give you some insight as to why I don't do the TTML during the season is because I think it's good to focus on one sport for a particular post during the course of the season.  It's somewhat acknowledging that the fact that what brings in readers is football and men's basketball.  Sometimes I think that focusing on one thing and do it well, is better than a handful of small links that don't really have a focus. Sometimes I think it is difficult to focus a discussion, which I think is good.

It's also why I got away from just giving just a date on the morning links, but to give you some idea as to what's inside.  As an aside, I only have 50 characters (including spaces) to put on the front page.


I think there's a lot of complicated issues with the NCAA and the union approval and just about everything else going on with the students.  In any event, Ohio St. AD Gene Smith was awarded a sizable bonus for having a wrestler win a national championship.  They went to the wrestler and he said he doesn't care that the AD got the bonus (via Morning Journal). A lot of coaches have escalators in their contracts, most of them I think are with revenue producing sports, so I think that's the difference here, which is that wrestling is a non-revenue sport and here is the AD making money off of it.  Still, it's interesting to see the student's reaction.


The softball team hosts #12 Baylor this weekend and have won 13 in a row (via Texas Tech).

Track & Field

The track and field team, both men's and women's, will be competing at the Texas Relays this weekend (via Texas Tech and DT).  Kennedy Kithuka is supposed to anchor Texas Tech's medley relay.

Men's Basketball

Congrats to Texas Tech signee Justin Gray for continuing to receive some post season honors (via Tampa Bay).

Remember Daylen Robinson?  He's playing for a national championship for Central Missouri (via NCAA).


Need directions to Grande Communications Stadium for Saturday's scrimmage?  The official site has you covered (via Texas Tech).  The first play is at 1:00 pm.

Dave Bartoo of CFBMatrix did an excellent Q&A about pace of play on Grantland (via Grantland).