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The SARR is dead. Long live the SARR.

After much deliberation I finally decided to make the leap.

I still want this
I still want this

It was surprisingly a more difficult decision than I imagined it would be. After all, it's just a screen name, but over the past four years SARR has grown on me and become a real persona. Travis is a sometimes moody, quiet guy that can be the life of the party when he wants to, or can make things really awkward when he feels the urge. Just ask his real life friends and family.

SARR on the other hand is the party. SARR is always ready for a good time and never afraid to make bad decisions. SARR wore the lampshade on his head for years and was always the last to leave. He was annoying to some, but made people laugh on occasion and hopefully contributed to the growth of this site.

I've been kicking around the idea of using my real name, Travis Hale, for quite some time. I've discussed it with Seth and JR (Chief Editor at Pounding the Rock) and even some of you. I guess yesterday was the real catalyst behind the decision to jump in though.

A reader at PtR pointed out that one of my stories was quoted in Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie section, which covers the NBA.


It was the last sentence that made me realize it's time to step up and take full ownership for my work.

So, last night I submitted a request to have my screen name changed. It will help add further legitimacy to VTM and PtR and might even help me personally along the way. The more credibility I have as a writer, the better it will be for all of us. And in order to improve my credibility I need to stamp my work with the signature of a real person, not his persona.

Travis Hale wrote The House That Leach Built, four years ago and  has written over 200 stories since. That's more than 250,000 words, written by Travis but promoted by SARR. I'm proud of every article and can't wait to write more. More features for an ever expanding and diverse audience that deserves to know who the real person is behind the story.

A young poster at PtR wrote a really great FanPost last week and said that he (or she, I'm not sure) decided to just jump in and start writing. It reminded me of those early days here when I first began. I encouraged the poster to keep working at it because if done well, it can open up a world where you get to do some really cool things.

I know, because I'm living it right now.

But with all that, don't go and get any crazy ideas. I'm not giving up my gas mask, machete and jock strap. And you can always call me SARR.

All my friends do.