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NCAA Sweet 16 | Games Preview (Part 1) – Open Thread

The Sweet 16 starts today! I’ve got my picks for the games. Consider this your open gameday thread for all the tournament action today.


#11 Dayton Flyers (25-10, 10-6 Atlantic 10) vs #10 Stanford Cardinal (23-12, 10-8 Pac 12)

Game Time – 6:15 PM

Preview - Whichever team wins this game will be considered a Cinderella team in the Elite Eight. Dayton has played great backcourt defense allowing only 3 downtown made shots in the entire tournament. Stanford had a problem shooting outside shots against Kansas and still won the game. I believe that Stanford is the stronger team in their frontcourt and will win the battle inside. My pick is that Stanford will win this game.

#6 Baylor Bears (26-11, 9-9 Big 12) vs #2 Wisconsin Badgers (28-7, 12-6 Big Ten)

Game Time – 6:47 PM

Preview - This is a matchup I picked in my bracket. Believe it or not, I picked Baylor to win this game against Wisconsin. I picked Baylor for the reason that they are a tourney team with talent that is on fire right now. Wisconsin is a more complete team that relies on all their starters to get points and play well together. Both teams have looked good in this tournament, but I still pick Baylor to have the hot hand and win it.

#1 Florida Gators (34-2, 18-0 SEC) vs #4 UCLA Bruins (28-8, 12-6 Pac 12)

Game Time – 8:45 PM

Preview - Florida cannot be beat and now has won 28 games in a row all while going 18-0 in the SEC. Their last loss was to UConn by 1 point on December 2, 2013. UCLA got an excellent hire with new head coach Steve Alford. They are going to be a top team for years to come with him at the helm. In this game, I have to go with Florida who I also originally picked in my bracket to win against UCLA.

#1 Arizona Wildcats (32-4, 15-3 Pac 12) vs #4 San Diego State Aztecs (31-4, 16-2 MW)

Game Time – 9:17 PM

Preview - San Diego State had a scare against NM State, but handled ND State easily. They have a good team, and a great head coach. Arizona has been a monster all year long and beat Gonzaga last game with ease. I feel freshman star Aaron Gordon and UA are going all the way to the championship. I’ll stick with my bracket pick of Zona over SDSU in this game.