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QB Michael Brewer to Transfer to Virginia Tech

Former Texas Tech quarterback visited Virginia Tech over the weekend and has decided to transfer to the Hokies.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback Michael Brewer has ended his look for a landing spot after making it known that he wanted to transfer from Texas Tech and it was announced that he would be transferring to Virginia Tech (via Washington Post).  The Virginia Tech SB Nation blog, Gobbler Country, has a look at the competition that he'll be facing at Virginia Tech and says that the starting job is almost assuredly his (via Gobbler Country):

I tend to think he was promised the job. He definitely could have gone and started at Kentucky in the SEC for sure. I think this move is motivated entirely by a desire for playing time. I have to imagine he watched film of Mark Leal and determined that he was a stronger candidate should they be measured head to head. And truth be told, he should be confident: Honestly he looks more polished in his high school film than I've seen Leal look at at a VT practice. Again, short sample sizes on both, and just my inflation-adjusted two cents.

With a slender Andrew Ford needing time to germinate, and Chris Durkin not hitting campus until late summer, it's extremely wise to have another "experienced" QB on deck. I just don't think he'd commit to VT without thinking he had this in the bag. It's push come to shove in this young man's career trajectory and he isn't throwing caution to the wind.

I suppose that's the difference between Virginia Tech and Texas Tech, is that Brewer is almost assured of starting while at Texas Tech he was still going to have to compete for a starting job.  I understand that.  I didn't understand his process, especially after he watched Baker Mayfield be denied to transfer in-conference and expect a different result.  It seemed almost like an intentional public display.

I can think of all of the players that transferred, especially on the basketball side (Kevin Wagner and Terran Pettaway) and I don't think a disparaging word came of it from me or anyone here on VTM, other than it stunk they were transferring.  I think I would have felt the same way if Brewer had just decided to transfer to Virginia Tech from the beginning, but there seemed something intentional about how he proceeded, especially since he said that he wanted to transfer in-state, which now isn't all that accurate.  Still, I wish him luck.