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Red Raider Gridiron | Kingsbury Reflects on QB's; Stewart and Payne Return

HC Kliff Kingsbury reflects on the quarterback situation. Austin Stewart and Chris Payne return to help the linebacker corps.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Am running a bit late this morning. Had a great time at the Dallas recruiting event and good to seem some good-strong VTM'ers.


Spring Game Announced: DMN's Chuck Carlton tweeted last night that Texas Tech's spring game would be on April 12th, so make sure and get out your Palm Pilots and put it on your calendar (via LAJ).

New Fundraising Campaign: Last night, AD Kirby Hocutt announced a new capital campaign, focusing on capital improvements, endowed scholarships and a leadership center.  The LAJ has additional details that are probably better than my memory (via LAJ).

Chris Payne and Austin Stewart Back: DC Matt Wallerstedt talked about how both Chris Payne and Austin Stewart will both return to compete at the Raider linebacker spot (via LAJ).  Zach Winbush and Jacarthy Mack are the other two players at the Raider position competing with Stewart and Payne.

Kingsbury On Mahomes: HC Kliff Kingsbury talked a bit about how he hopes that QB Patrick Mahomes sticks around rather than maybe go the MLB route (via LAJ). I don't think these are new quotes and I think they are from Wednesday afternoon.

Kingsbury Reflects on QBs: There's more here, but Kingsbury talks a bit about how the quarterback position played out this past year (via DMN):

"You just don’t take things for granted," Kingsbury said. "Each quarterback is different. So you got to handle each one differently and make sure where you’re at and leave no stone unturned with your communication when you talk to these guys."

Also, there's a note here where when Kingsbury told Davis Webb that Baker Mayfield would start, Webb told Kingsbury that he was going to prove him wrong.