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Texas Tech Hoops | VTM Staff Weekly Roundtable (Week #13)

Different thoughts and opinions from the VTM staff members on certain questions and topics about the Red Raiders basketball team. This week we discuss every fans favorite subject… the uniforms.

Christian Petersen

Texas Tech is calling for a “blackout” with our crowd at the USA against Oklahoma State on Saturday. It made me start thinking… maybe we are going to switch-up the design and colors to our jerseys for the game. This season Texas Tech has been sporting the same Under Armour white uniforms at home and red uniforms on the road. For the past few seasons Tech has played in many different designed uniforms switching it up during games randomly wearing black, red, white, and even gray colored uniforms. Do you like our uniforms this season? How do you feel if Tech doesn’t wear different designed jerseys or colors this year (or for future seasons to come)?

Seth - I love the red, black and white for Texas Tech. I actually am a huge proponent of this year's uniforms over last year, where they were trying to implement some weird stuff on the shorts. I also very much dislike just the word "Tech" rather than Texas Tech. And the Lone Star uniform stuff looks awful. I have tried to be open about it, but I just don't get it. It would be one thing if all of the Texas schools tried to do this, but it just doesn't work if you're the only school that tries to celebrate something. I think UA's red uniform looks fantastic. I think they nailed the right color or red. I'd love to see black uniforms with the same look as the current versions.

SARR - Finally a fashion question! Personally, I like to see the team in red, but I think for tomorrow an all black uniform would be fitting. There aren't as many options available for uni combinations in basketball, but they might be able to roll out some shiny red shoes that would look sharp. Just no shirt jerseys like the NBA has tried this year!

MikeTTU - I've never been a fan of the basketball jerseys. They're not terrible, but they could be better. Last years had a cool side design, but the Tech with Texas inside of it was funky (my mom hated it too). The lettering this year is better, but that stupid red and black line at the top of the uniform (right below the neck) drives me nuts. I keep thinking they are wearing a Double T under shirt and it's poking out from under the uniform. I think the Black doesn't work that well in Basketball due to the fact that players might blend in with the students, but maybe it doesn't. I hope they switch the design a little, an idea is to have a design sort of like what Duke has. Have faded matador on the back of jersey where you can vaguely see it. Stripes are always cool too, and get rid of that stupid line before I go berzerk.

RndRckTTU - I said it in my post at Christmas; “We Red Raiders try to stick to the two main colors: Scarlet and Black but we throw in some White and Gray to broaden the color spectrum.”

I am ok with Texas Tech changing things up on the uniforms and I think that they will but they need to in most cases (like 80% of the time) use Red Raider colors …. Scarlet and Black.

I know most of the time home basketball teams use white (good guys) as the uniform of the day and I think that works and the new gray is light enough to also cover that requirement.

My favorite uniforms for the MBB and the WBB are the scarlet red unis with the black letters.

I think it would be cool and yet still reflect to the world that our teams are the Red Raiders if the uniforms changed up so that they were not so color-blockish. Don’t get me wrong I am a “classic clothes” type person. Clean lines and matchy-matchy is my forte but after seeing the unis that the Northwestern team designed with UA, I started thinking that Texas Tech could do that but better and bolder.

I think it would be cool if they branched out and used a dominant theme on the shorts. Like the art work I picked for the Christmas post. Or have the jerseys fade red to black or gradient left to right black to red. If a person looked close the gradients would be tiny Double-Ts and not just dots or dashes. Use a shadow or watermark affect on the back of the unis of the masked Rider or a huge Double-T. Different but true to being Texas Tech and Red Raiders.

I am so glad the game is sold-out on Saturday. Black-out The USA. Wreck’Em and Beat Oklahoma State!!

DanSwany - I like the jerseys this season a bunch. They are classic Under Armour style design which I have no problems with. But, I do have a problem if we do not wear black uniforms at some point this year. In the past the black jerseys have always been a fan favorite, for football or any sport that Tech plays. I actually even really liked the black Lone Star Pride uniforms we wore a few times last season. But, I was not a supporter last season of the oddly designed regular season UA jerseys. The big “TECH” letters without Texas on the front of the jerseys were weak.

When we play in a holiday tournament or the Big 12 tourney it is time to try out some new designs so we stand out from the rest. The “blackout” on Saturday would be a perfect opportunity against a top 25 team in front of a sellout crowd on ESPNU to showcase a new black uniform or design for people to talk about. I have not heard if anything like that will happen, but it would be really neat if Tech did switch it up on such a big night.