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Hoops Game Analysis | Texas Tech Red Raiders 56 - Kansas State Wildcats 60

A big run in the 2nd half for K-State to take the lead was halted by Texas Tech, but the Red Raiders crumbled at the end to fall short once again in a tight contest.

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It was an ugly game last night that did not get churning until late in the second half for Texas Tech. The Red Raiders ended up losing after a play at the end of the game was failed to be set up. The final score was Texas Tech 56 – Kansas State 60, but the Red Raiders gave up a chance to take the lead or tie on their last play without an attempt on their basket. It resulted in visible frustration for the players and coaches.

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  1. Player of the Game | Statistically Dejan Kravic was the leader for Texas Tech with 13 points, 6 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 2 steals. He played tough for the 23 minutes he was in the game. Also, I really liked Toddrick Gotcher stepping up and hitting a few big shots at times in the game when Tech needed points.
  2. Stat of the Game | Rebounds. Texas Tech did what it takes to battle with the big men of K-State. The Red Raiders outrebounded the Wildcats 34-24, while grabbing 13 offensive boards to 5 for KSU. That translated to Tech getting 16 second chance points compared to K-State with only 4 points on second chances. Texas Tech won or tied most key statistical categories... points off turnovers, points in the paint, second chance points, rebounds, turnovers, and fast break points. But, all that does not matter when the most important stat is the scoreboard.
  3. How the Game was Lost | The game was a grind for most of the way through. Both teams were missing opportunities on the scoring end with the ball in their hands. Sloppy play led to 14 turnovers by both teams, which created a back and forth drag for a majority of the minutes. There were scoring runs by both teams late in the second half to create some excitement. The biggest way that the game was lost was that Tech could not create an opportunity at the end. A missed three point shot by Jaye Crockett with 34 seconds while we were down one point was questionable. It came on a night we ended up going 1-10 (10%) from downtown. Then we get another chance with 19 seconds and down by two points when Tech grabs a missed free throw by K-State. Tech looked clueless coming down the floor without a set play they were going to run. After basically running into another teammate, Robert Turner mishandles the ball to give K-State a steal and clear path to the basket for the lay-up. 1 second left down by 4 points. Game over.
  4. Turning Point | Watching the game you could feel the momentum shift in K-State’s favor when they got a 5 point turnaround from a flagrant foul called on Jordan Tolbert. The game was rolling along and Tech looked like they were going to dominate for an ugly win while K-State was doing horrible on offense. With around 9 minutes left Tech was leading 42-34 when Tolbert grabbed a driving K-State player by his shoulders as he drove by. It sent the K-State player crashing to the floor. They hit their two free throws, and Marcus Foster hit a three pointer on the ensuing inbounds play to make it a 5 point swing. The Wildcats went on a 20-5 scoring run and took the lead over Tech after that.
  5. Team Observations | Frustration. Tech did not play their best game and looked like they were going to get away with a win up until late in the 2nd half. When the game started to get out of hand, Tech came back at the end to have an opportunity to tie or win. Some poor decisions caused the team to lose the game. Missed shots, turnovers, and inconsistent calls like the blocking foul on Hannahs did not help out. The team and coaches looked flustered and defeated. It showed when Crockett chucked the ball as hard as he could at the basket when the buzzer sounded. This team has been so close to getting tight wins only to see everything crumble in the end. It doesn’t get any easier as we go play Baylor in Waco on Saturday. Wreck ‘em Tech!