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Red Raider Gridiron | Jackson to Lead Defensive Line in 2014

Defensive end Branden Jackson is expected to lead the defensive line in 2014, plus quotes from John Scott, Jr. on the defensive ends.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive line coach John Scott, Jr. said that DE Branden Jackson should be the leader of the defensive line with the departure of Kerry Hyder and Dartwan Bush (via LAJ). We've been talking a bit about how Jackson is trying to add weight and here's his current status:

Moved to defensive end after spring practice, he started 2013 August workouts at 248 and said this month he’s weighing in at 263. His target playing weight is 270 to 275.

"We feel like Branden can be a big-time difference maker for us this year," Scott said. "He’ll tell you that he’s got to continue to improve upon his technique. But he’s doing a great job, having a great off-season so far. We’re really excited about where he’s going and where he could be for us."

It's also interesting in that defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt said that Zach Barnes is moving to defensive end rather than the Bandit linebacker spot, even though he's only at 230 right now. Also at this spot is Gary Moore and Taylor Nunez, a walk-on from Midland Lee. Here's Wallerstedt on Barnes:

"He is a presence off the edge when he’s fresh and puts his hand down and goes," defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt said. "He was better at doing that than he was in drops and maybe some of the other things you have to do at bandit. We looked at him in camp and thought defensive end was probably his future here, and we’re looking forward to seeing him progress."

And Wallerstedt on Moore, who is out with a foot injury and has yet to be cleared, and here's Scott on Moore:

"I think Gary Moore will be a nice addition," Scott said. "He’s already up to 240 pounds. His body looks like Branden Jackson. He played wide receiver and shooting guard (on the basketball team) in high school. He’s a quick-twitch, big athlete at defensive end, so we’re excited about him."

As far as Nunez, here's a profile of Nunez as he's entering his senior year looking for a scholarship (via

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