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Red Raider Hardball | Up to #17 in Power Rankings; Under the Radar; To Play in Midland

Texas Tech makes a huge jump up to #17 in ESPN's power rankings and Texas Tech is featured by Baseball America as an under the radar team. Plus, the Red Raiders will play in Midland on April 1st.

If the baseball team keeps winning, I'll be able to do a separate post, just for the baseball team, which is great.

I do need some help.  I have two new photos of Dan Law Field at Rip Griffin Park and as most of you you, I can only use photos in our photo editor or photos where I have express permission from the person that took the photo. So, if you have some good photos that you don't mind me using, please feel free to shoot me an email at doubletnation AT gmail DOT com. I'd be happy to attribute to you using your personal name or username.

Texas Tech to #17 on Power Rankings: The baseball team jumped way up and is at the #17 spot in ESPN's baseball rankings (via ESPN).

Under the Radar: Baseball American has a long feature on how Texas Tech is under the radar and really details some of the better prospects, especially pitching for Texas Tech (via Baseball America):

The biggest difference from a year ago, when Texas Tech went 26-30 overall and 9-15 in the Big 12, is that the pitching staff continues to get deeper. Tadlock said he now has enough arms that the Red Raiders probably could have played seven-inning scrimmages Tuesday and Wednesday using only pitchers who did not throw over the weekend—but pitchers who figure to help the team this spring.

Tadlock is excited about the ability of freshman lefthander Ty Damron and freshman righty Ryan Mosely, two young power arms that opted for college over professional ball in part because of the opportunity to work with Red Raiders pitching coach Ray Hayward.

Do You Live In Midland? If you do, then you can catch the baseball team as they will host New Mexico at Security Bank Ballpark on April 1st (via CBS 7).