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Red Raider Gridiron | All Webb's Job; Amaro's Pre-Draft Work

Davis Webb is clearly the #1 quarterback heading into the spring, and apparently quarterback transfers are not something that just happens at Texas Tech. Jace Amaro continues his pre-draft workouts and says he's the best tight end of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

I initially started to prepare a morning links post, but then thought I'd split up the football and baseball posts, because this is America.

It's all on Webb: I think the LAJ is starting their positional previews and they start with the quarterback and how this job, without question or controversy, is Davis Webb's job (via LAJ). There's some quotes from head coach Kliff Kingsbury about how he's still looking for another spring quarterback to join Webb, Tanner Tausch and Mike Richardson.  Here's Kingsbury on Webb:

"We’d like to still put on a few more pounds," Kingsbury said, "but I know he’s eating a bunch. He had gained a bunch of weight, and then he got really sick at the beginning of the year and that kind of set him back, so he’s been chasing it since then."

And Kingsbury on Tausch and Richardson:

"Tausch played at Kilgore and did a good job there, had some good film out and wanted a chance to play in this offense, liked our situation," Kingsbury said. "And Richardson was at Marble Falls, threw for a bunch of yards and played in a good offense with coach (Todd) Dodge there, a similar offense. So both guys have had some accomplishments and are good players."

Also, from Ben Kercheval, he writes how Webb has gone from back-up to invaluable (via B/R).

It's an Epidemic: Stewart Mandel takes a look at the large number quarterbacks that transfer due to lack of patience and lack of playing time (via SI). You can rest easy knowing that this isn't just something that just happens at Texas Tech (although I think Texas Tech is the only team that has 3 of them).  And Kingsbury had this quote to end the article:

"I haven't looked at the waiver wire," he said. "But there's a bunch of guys out there looking for a place to play."

Amaro's Pre-Draft Work: TE Jace Amaro is working hard and wants to be the first tight end taken in the 2014 NFL Draft (via Statesman).  Amaro says that he's only scratched the surface:

"I’m the best in the class," said Amaro, who, like the others, is an early entry.

"I bring a lot to the table," Amaro continued. "I’m not saying those other guys don’t, but with the system I was in in college, that was just me scratching the surface of really what I can do. My expectations are to be the first tight end picked. That’s just the mindset and mentality I have. I want to be the best at everything I do. That’s what I’ve been training for every single day. I’m excited about it."

There's also some quotes from Mel Kiper Jr. and Gil Brandt on Amaro.  Check it out.

Panoramic Photos: Some beautiful panoramic photographs from our friend, TTURed, of Jones AT&T Stadium (via Totally Texas Tech).