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Former Red Raider Michael Brewer & Tech A.A.D. Blayne Beal are fighting on Twitter

Former Tech QB Michael Brewer and Tech Associate Athletic Director of Communications Blayne Beal got into a tussle over Brewer's release today, the way most do in 2014. Via Twitter.

Let's discuss this on Twitter!
Let's discuss this on Twitter!
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Brewer tweeted a picture of the letter Texas Tech sent him outlining the conditions of his transfer:

Blayne Beal responded with notes from his iPhone:

Then Beal responded to a question:

And finally, Beal sent a series of tweets outlining the entire statement:

Then Brewer concluded with this:

Now I'm not one to throw stones, especially when it comes to picking fights on Twitter. But if I've learned anything this week, it's that there are better ways to handle things.

Michael Brewer needs to stop trying to burn the place down on his way out the door. Michael, if you love Texas Tech as you profess, it's time to stop.

And our Associate Athletics Director of Communications needs to step away from the iPhone for a few days. Responding to the bombs he's lobbing will only encourage him to continue.

The actions by Brewer are not doing Texas Tech University any favors so radio silence would probably discourage him enough and he'll move on.