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Red Raider Gridiron | Michael Brewer Denied Transfer to Texas and TCU

Michael Brewer's appeal to transfer to Texas or TCU was denied and Brewer speaks about his back injury. Eric Morris was promoted to offensive coordinator as well as coach of all four receiver spots.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Michael Brewer's appeal to transfer to either Texas or TCU was denied by Texas Tech and alleged that Texas Tech mishandled the diagnosis of his back injury and head coach Kliff Kingsbury told Brewer he was going to play and then decided not to play him (via LAJ).  There's a ton of quotes from Brewer there and he's not happy at all about the situation.  He is also not happy about not being able to transfer to Texas or TCU, stating that those two schools offer graduate programs that he wanted, as well as the connections.

This has nothing to do with the back issues, which we'll get to shortly, but I don't understand how Brewer and Baker Mayfield have this expectation that tranferring to a competing school in the Big 12 is acceptable.  I don't know any program that does this.  Texas Tech spokesman Blayne Beal said that Brewer could transfer to any school in the state of Texas other than a Big 12 school, which is more lenient than most transfer restrictions.

Here's Brewer:

"By them denying me the right to play anywhere in the state of Texas or in the Big 12, my family can’t really come watch me play and be involved in the last two years of my college experience, which is disappointing," he said.

Here's Beal:

"The only stipulations put on Michael were he couldn’t transfer anywhere in the Big 12," Beal said. "He was not allowed to transfer anywhere in the Big 12 Conference, but we are allowing Michael to transfer anywhere in the state of Texas not in the Big 12, something coach Kingsbury does not normally allow. But in this case, he is allowing it."

It would be pretty easy to find out how accurate this is, but I'm guessing that Beal wouldn't be saying this if it wasn't true. And if that's the case, then Brewer isn't being completely honest here.  Brewer makes mention that the reason to deny the transfer is purely football related and I suppose that is the case, but I don't understand why that's a problem.

As to Brewer's back, Brewer said that his back injury was misdiagnosed and he actually had a stress fracture rather than a bulging disc and it set back his recovery time, which he did say affected his time to compete.

I don't know who or what to believe or think at this point


Morris Promoted to Offensive Coordinator: Eric Morris was promoted to offensive coordinator and will coach all four receiver position groups (via LAJ). Here's Kingsbury:

"He did a tremendous job," Kingsbury said. "Having worked with him at the University of Houston, he was always up in the box giving information, helping call plays and seeing defenses, and that continued here.

Spring Dates Set: The official site released the spring dates for spring football (via TexasTech):

March 5 - First Practice
March 14 - Fan Day (Open Practice)
March 29 - Midland Practice (Open Practice)
April 4 - Friday Night Lights (Open Practice)
April 12 - Spring Game (11 a.m. Kickoff)

Just the Beginning: Our pal David Ubben writes that the big bowl win against Arizona St. is just the beginning for Texas Tech and Kingsbury (via FSSW).

Interactive Recruit Map: Pretty awesome work from Corn Nation where they have an interactive map of all recruits from 2002 through 2014 (via CornNation). In order to just select Texas Tech, you should selection "All" first and then after all of the colleges are un-selected, then just select Texas Tech.

Assistant Coach Rankings: You should not be surprised to know that no Texas Tech assistant coaches were selected as part of these rankings (via ESPN).  Bulletin board material for the coaches.

Proposed Rule Change to Slow Offenses: I'm sure you've already read quite a bit about the proposed rule changes that will not permit an offense to snap a ball unless 10 seconds have been elapsed from the play clock.  Coaches that are in favor of fast-paced offenses are obviously in disagreement with this proposed rule change, including Kingsbury.  There's a ton of stuff out there about the proposed rule as when the proposal came out, it was under the guise that this was being done for player safety.  Here's a handful of links: Sumlin says there is an agenda (via 24/7 Sports); Kingsbury objects to proposed rule change (via LAJ); no hard data backing player safety issue (via CBS Sports); proposed rule change on player substitution and targeting (via CBS Sports).

How the Recruiting Services Did in 2011: If you think that recruiting rankings don't matter, then take a look at this article as SI goes back to look at the recruiting rankings for the 2011 recruiting class (via SI).  It should be no surprise that the services weren't perfect, but ended up being pretty danged accurate.

Campus Photos: Need a distraction?  Totally Texas Tech has you covered with new campus photos (via Totally Texas Tech).