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Texas Tech Morning Links | Lady Raider to Play Baylor; Spotlight on Amaro; Midland Recruiting Recap

The Lady Raiders are set to take on the Baylor Bears at the USA. Good discussion on Jace Amaro and his draft status as well as a recap of the Midland Recruiting Review.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

I had a fellow Red Raider email me and ask me if I could look around his website, EmBazaar, and it's essentially a free place to sell your used books and clothes as college students. So if you're a Texas Tech student, give it a look.

Viva The Matadors

You can follow the writers on Viva The Matadors on Twitter: @vivathematador, @SethC_J, @SARR_SBN, @DanSwany, @LoneStarRedRaider, @MikeTTU, @kevinkinsler and @De_Ge_S. Make sure you check out Viva The Matador's FanPosts. Visit the Viva The Matadors store via Game Day Depot.


Weldon Feature: A nice feature on discus thrower Kole Weldon (via Big12Sports).

Women's Basketball

Bears vs. Lady Raiders: The Lady Raiders tip off against Baylor at 6:30 pm tonight at the United Spirit Arena and Candi Whitaker wants a better effort from her team this time around (via LAJ).

Men's Basketball

More on Orr and Smart: Anyone remember Javarez Willis?  Well, he was asked about Jeff Orr and said that he didn't think that Texas Tech superfan Jeff Orr would use racist language, but thought it was possible (anything is possible, I suppose) (via AthensOhioToday).


Spotlight on Amaro: Draft specialist, Rick Gosselin writes that TE Jace Amaro is expected to cash in on the latest wave of the NFL's offensive evolution (via DMN).  There's also a companion article where they look to see where some of the mock drafts have him slotted (via DMN).

Midland Recruiting Review: Here's a summary of the recruiting review event that's been in Dallas, Austin and Houston (via LAJ). It is a good summary if you didn't get to go.