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Red Raider Gridiron | More on the Fundraising Campaign and Capital Improvements

We dive a bit into the new fundraising campaign and the proposed capital improvements as well as links from the two recruiting reviews.

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I don't know how else to handle this, so I'm just going to charge along here.

On Friday, Don Williams had some additional details on the new fundraising campaign, which consists of capital improvements, endowed scholarships and leadership academy (via LAJ).  I've been a proponent of an indoor practice facility for the football team for quite some time and it appears that this, along with other items are part of this fundraising campaign:

"The cornerstones of the facilities portion will be the south end zone of (Jones AT&T) Stadium, the indoor practice facility for football and indoor track and field," Tech spokesman Blayne Beal said. "And the United Spirit Arena team facilities, so locker rooms, sports medicine, all that."

Although we don't get to see the inside of the United Spirit Arena, I do understand that it does need some work and we can all visibly see how the south endzone needs updating as far as Jones AT&T Stadium is concerned and an indoor practice facility is part of keeping up with the rest of the Big 12.  Head coach Kliff Kingsbury has said that he's not concerned about an IPF, but this sort of thing does help with building up a program.

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Recruiting Review Links: The Dallas and Austin Recruiting Reviews were Thursday and Friday and we have a couple of interviews from Dallas (WFAA and CBS).  Houston and Midland are up today and tomorrow. You get to see Dale Hansen ask uncomfortable questions if you watch the WFAA interview (YABBA) and here's a bit from the CBS interview:

"I got to learn to delegate a little better. You try to take everything on to be the offensive coordinator, be the offensive play caller, head coach… administrator. I got to learn to push some of that stuff off to other people,"said Kingsbury. "I mean when you’re the OC you’re just dialing up plays, calling up plays and any issues that come up your shoving on to your head coach. Now it all comes your way."

Here's a story from an Austin station (via KVUE).

Recruiting Stuff: I really only found a straggling article about national signing day with the guys at ESPN (via ESPN).  One of them names Ian Sadler as a guy that no one is talking about that they will be talking about after the season.  I think that Sadler is terrific, but the problem with any receivers is that it really does take time to adjust.  Even the best receivers need time to adjust, usually a year.  If Sadler makes an impact, the odds are that it is as a punt returner.