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2014 VTM Holiday Gift Guide: meestahrogers' Gift Guide for the Movie Lover

For that cinephile in your life that wants more than just a couple of new movies this holiday season.

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Movies are great, aren't they? Much like a sporting event, it's a way to get away from everything and immerse into something completely different. And with movies, you've got countless genres and tastes to satisfy just about everyone's interests.

So you've got that one person in mind that loves movies. And this year, you want to get them something besides a couple of this year's new movies or remastered classics (like this Halloween Blu-Ray Box Set.) Don't get me wrong, special editions and collector's sets of classic movies are great, but let's push the envelope this year.

Movie Posters

You know those advertisement posters that theaters put up to announce and market the upcoming new movies? These are great to frame and hang up around the house, especially if you've got a media room or home theater. I know Stars and Stripes in Lubbock sells their movie posters to their employees, but I bet if you ask nicely you could grab one. If not, there's this entire website to peruse of new and classic movies. They will even frame one for you.

And if they've already got the production posters adorning your walls, try something a little more eclectic. The guys over at Claus do some really great minimalist posters. One of my favorites is the one they do of Bane from the newest Batman movie.

If space is tight, or if your decorator doesn't have any wall space for you to get movie art hung, there's this great coffee table book of movie-inspired artwork from Criterion Designs.

Movie Gadgets

If they've got all the cool movies and the artwork around the house, start their collection of movie gadgets and memorabilia. This really cool site, Red5, has everything from posters, to bobble head figures, to 3D art and more. You've got to see everything they've got. One of my favorites is their alien figure from the 1980s classic sci-fi thriller, Alien.

Also worth noting in my search of all things cool movie memorabilia was this Flux Capacitor USB charger.

Movie Edibles

And if that just won't do, or if your cinephile needs something no one else has, look no further than painting their favorite character's face or image on a dinner roll for that big family gathering or big holiday party. All you need is to find a silhouette of said character online, print out one as a stencil and get food coloring. The one I found was for Rick Astley for a little holiday meme-age with some good ole Ricks Rolls.

Finally, I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season, from my little family, to yours! -I'm the hairy one in the back.