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2014 VTM Holiday Gift Guide: MikeTTU's College Student Selection

You may not understand student fashion and trends at all, but this guide will give up a heads up on what students may want for the Holidays.

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Hello VTM! You've already saw the awesome gifts Seth and Dan have presented, now it's my turn. I'll be sharing with y'all some gifts I would want for Christmas this year if I were a college student (wait..I am a college student). So here we go, let's see what some college students would want for the holidays this year.

Can't Go Wrong with Vintage and Throwback.

First and foremost, VTM is fashion blog. Something that I've been into lately (along with a lot of people my age) is the throwback gear. Whether it's for your Texas Tech Red Raiders or another local team. If I didn't have a closet like a teenage girl, I would want this hoodie under the Christmas tree this year. It's got the cool throwback Double-T logo on the shirt with a nice design surrounding the logo. There also is a baseball and flat brimmed hat with the throwback logo on it. If you go to the Red Raider Outfitter store on 413 University, you'll find more throwback gear, including a gray T-Shirt with a big Throwback logo and many more throwback gear.

However, it doesn't have to be Texas Tech throwback. There is also throwbacks for the SpursRocketsMavericksRangers and Astros. I have a lot of Patriot throwback gear myself that I sport all the time. Old is the new new.

Pimp your Ride

If the teen you're buying gifts for has a car/truck, you can always get them gear for it. Especially if they recently got a vehicle, they likely haven't got anything for their car yet. You can get seat covers, steering wheel covers, floor mats or other accessories. Here are some ideas. First off, you have a Texas Tech floor mats. I currently have Patriot ones in my car, and it can spark up a conversation about your favorite team. Or they can talk crap to you, it can go either way. Another idea is having camo on your seats and steering wheel. This is popular with trucks and those living out in the country. You can never go wrong with Camo.

Another idea is electronic accessories for the car. If their car doesn't have a phone charger, you can get one for them (cable not included). They are usually pretty cheap and let's them charge their phone while they are driving. It's also helpful for long trip. Another item is an auxiliary cable. Newer cars tend to have a spot for an auxiliary cable, and it allows them to play their music from their ipod instead of flipping through the radio to find a song that doesn't make them want to crash their ride.

Phone Accessories

A lot of teens have smart phones, but not all them has accessories for them. Or if they're girls, they change designs constantly. Why not give them another design to use. This can be headphones, phone covers, protective screen covers and stereos. For headphones, you could go simple and get them some earphones, or if you want to spend a little more money, get them noise canceling headphones. I've tried them before and the quality to great. The bass is great and you can clearly hear your music.

For phone covers, you can choose from multiple designs, including Texas Tech. You go with a simple Double-T logo, or choose a cute design for your phone. However, when choosing a design, make sure it's the right brand for his or her phone. You don't want to buy an iPhone cover for a Galaxy S5.

You can buy a protective screen for their phone also, to make sure water or other substance don't mess up their screen. However, like the phone case, make sure you get the right model.

Finally, you can always get them stereos. Whether it's a simple moveable stereo or the expensive "Pill", they can share their music with all their friends while hanging out. There are also stereos that have an iPod doc, that allow you to insert your iPod and play your music. There are many different type of stereos you can use.

The Dorm Life

If you buying gifts for someone in college, you can always get something that improves dorm life. Whether it's stuff for their dorm or school supplies, you can always by neat things for their dorm. One thing you could get them is a new backpack. If they are still using the same backpack from high school, why not give them new gear. Two popular brands around campus are JanSport and Under Armor. They both have simple designs and have a favorite among teens and college kids.

Something else you could get them are decorations for their dorm or apartment.  One item you could get them is a mini football helmet. Let them sport your favorite team in their dorm by having their favorite teams helmet. In fact, if you go to this link, there are some that are signed by former players. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you can shop online, but they have some cool stuff in there. How cool would it be to own a Michael Crabtree signed helmet. Dope.

Finally, you could get them a laptop sleeve. When they aren't using their laptop or they need to bring it somewhere, give them something they can put it in. There are many designs you can use, including patterns, schools or teams.

Well, that's all I have. You'll get guides from the writers later today.