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2014 VTM Holiday Gift Guide: Seth C's Lovingly Hand-Crafted Gift Guide

It wouldn't be the holidays without a hand-held fireshooter, but we've got more than just that, how about Texas Tech coffee and some classic double-t clothing?

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Hello again dear readers. I'm so happy to have the second annual VTM gift guide. Some of these are Texas Tech things and some of these are things that are things that I think are completely terrific.

Klean Kanteen - Sangria Red

This is one of my favorite things and it is something that I use every day. It is Klean Kanteen's vacuum insulated 16 ounce drink-thing. Yeah, it's a drink thing because I normally use it for coffee, but I honestly use it all day for water. And the great thing about it is that when I rinse it out and add water, there's no coffee aftertaste. And yes, I do this every day, rather than use a styrofoam cup that gets thrown away at the end of the day. I love my planet Earth. The biggest downside to this drink-thing is that you have to wash it by hand and some of you may find this to be a complete beating, but after six months of having this drink-thing, the red is as vibrant as ever.  And do yourself a favor and order the cafe-cap, which is free during holiday orders.  It's not a leak-proof cap, but it keeps your coffee hot and it washes easily.

Cafe Del Matador

We can't talk about drinking coffee without talking about Texas Tech's very own, Cafe Del Matador where you can buy coffee that has been specifically selected Texas Tech and roasted by Day Break Coffee Roasters. Also, I have two Texas Tech coffee mugs and I washed them in the dishwasher and I regret doing that because they've faded from that vibrant glorious red color. So now, these coffee mugs would be great replacements.  And I don't think you can buy the Texas Tech blend, at least not off of the Day Break Coffee Roasters site, but supporting a local business is good times.

Hand-held Fireshooter

No need to explain. It's a freaking hand-held fireshooter. Want to know how you sell a hand-held fireshooter? It’s pretty easy:

This is not a toy. This is a "badass" professional device that allows you to launch fireballs from your open palm.

This may be the best $175 that you’ve ever spent.

I Believe That We Will Win

Nothing gets me more pumped up than this.

This probably says more about my simplistic frame of mind than anything else, but I just love that phrase and cheer and everything about it. Not only that, but I love cheering for America. Yeah, America. And Homage’s I Believe That We Will Win t-shirt is just about perfect. It’s a fantastic t-shirt and the Homage guys will send you a sticker (at least they did with me) and a pack of old baseball cards with every order. I'll also say this, that the t-shirts are expensive, but they're quality t-shirts. Well made and if a tank top is more your style, they've got that too.

High five!

Classic Double-T

Do you really think that I’d let you all go without talking about fashion and uniforms? Me neither, which is why I’m advocating the purchase of every classic double-t piece of clothing that you can find. Would you like a beautiful polo? You bet you would, you bet you would very much. A black polo with the classic double-t on the chest would look great 365 days of the year. How about that same design but in a t-shirt? Gotcha covered.

Needing something to wear to that office party that says, "Hey, I’m casual and classic. I like to look sharp, but I don't want to over-do it.  Oh, and I love Texas Tech," well, how about this, quarter zip pullover with the classic double-t? Red Raider Outfitter has a ton of stuff and I’m advocating that we sell the heck out of this.  Yeah, it's selling out pretty quickly, perhaps an indication as to the popularity of the double-t.  Not sure about that (this is sarcasm).