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Texas Tech News, Notes & Links: Big 12 to Probably Do Nothing; Soccer Finishes 14th

It appears that after being left out of the College Football Playoff the Big 12 will . . . do nothing. The soccer team finishes 14th in the nation and volleyballer Rachel Brummitt is honored. We also consider returning Big 12 quarterbacks.

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The Big 12's Options -- Do Nothing. SI's Andy Staples is advocating that the Big 12 essentially do nothing, maybe do the championship game thing and name a champion (this still doesn't change a resume so I think this is pointless), but he says that the money isn't worth expanding and the only suggestion is for Baylor to beef up their non-conference schedule.  That's no fun.  I mentioned yesterday that I'd love for Texas Tech to be able to get out of this forsaken conference, but I just don't see it as a real possibility.  I suppose I have a severe lack of faith in the Pac-12 ever expanding because the Longhorns think too much of themselves and wouldn't want to be part of a conference that makes everyone an equal partner, there's no strong-arming.

And I have even less faith that the Big 12 will make adjustments to make the conference better. I can't remember who posted it, but someone said yesterday that after the Big 12 meeting yesterday, there's little movement for a championship game and even less movement for expansion.  And there's obviously disagreement as to whether or not expansion is the right move or wrong move, but I do think that we as fans can count on is that coaches will continue to look out for their best interests (and not have the Big 12 name champions) so that they can all get bonuses, and the Big 12 won't do anything because they think it will weaken the conference and they'll have to split the revenue with another member even if it might improve the conference overall (at the very least, the idea of adding a member is debatable) but the Big 12 won't even approach that concept because they can't get out of their own way.

My disdain is more about how I think everyone is too greedy to do much of anything positive (again, it's debatable if it is or isn't) but know that nothing will happen.

Soccer Team Finishes 14th. Congrats to the soccer team, who finished in the final poll ranked 14th overall in the NSCAA poll, which is the highest finish of any Big 12 team!

Brummitt Honored. Congrats to volleyball player Rachel Brummitt who earned AVCA All-Region honors!

Returning Big 12 Quarterbacks. NewsOK ranks the Big 12 teams based on returning quarterbacks and this is a category that ranks high, #2 actually, with the return of Patrick Mahomes and Davis Webb.  The obvious #1 is TCU with Trevone Boykin most likely returning for TCU.  Yeah, this feels pretty good and accurate and if you ever wanted a reason to think that Texas Tech is going to make a big jump in the Big 12, then look no further than the guys that have the football the most each play.  To bring you back down to earth, the DMN has their final Big 12 power rankings and Texas Tech is #8.