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Preseason College Basketball All-American Teams

My votes to SB Nation were submitted Friday for the 1st & 2nd All-American teams, Freshman of the Year, and Player of the Year. Check it out!

Jamie Squire

1st Team All-Americans

  • G- Marcus Paige, North Carolina - He lead the Tar Heels in scoring (17.5 ppg) and assists (4.2 apg). He is the team leader, and starts pouring on the points near the end of the game when it matters most. He doesn't crack under pressure, and is the #1 guy on my list that I would want to take the last-second game deciding shot.

  • G- Juwan Staten, West Virginia - A slashing guard that will get you points either driving past defenders, dishing the ball, or getting to the foul line. Last season averaged 18.1 PPG, 5.8 APG, and 5.6 RPG (team-high in scoring and assists). With a developed downtown shot this year he will be the complete package in the backcourt.

  • F- Georges Niang, Iowa State - Back from injury, the do-it-all forward will be a huge impact player for the Cyclones. He can score from any part of the floor, and he can defend any position in the frontcourt. Look for Niang to take ISU right back into the Big Dance.

  • F- Jahlil Okafor, Duke - The one-and-done Blue Devil basketball prodigy could be playing in the NBA right now (if the rules allowed it). At 6'11, 270+ pounds with a 7'6" wingspan he is already the talk of the college basketball world. He will be a nightmare for opponents with his developed inside game. His large frame does not hinder his fancy footwork. Keep an eye on this kid because you'll be hearing a lot of things about him (in a good way).

  • F- Frank Kaminsky, Wisconsin - Who doesn't love Frank "The Tank"? He actually prefers to be called "The Moose", and we all respect a 7 footer that opts to stay in school instead of going pro. He was a breakout player in the NCAA tourney and showed off his ability to score from all parts of the court. His length allows him to be a great defender around the basket. Kaminsky is a leader with great skills that is a fan-favorite.

2nd Team All-Americans

  • G- Fred Van Vleet, Wichita State - A true point guard that is a great playmaker. He lead the Shockers in assists (5.4 APG), and defensively can shut down any opposing PG. He does not turn the ball over much while making great decisions managing the Wichita State offense.

  • G- Aaron Harrison, Kentucky - He is a pure shooter that is clutch in crunch-time. We all remember the last second daggers from the outside in the Elite Eight & Final Four. Give him the ball and he will make the jump shot. He is the #2 guy on this list (behind Paige) I would want to take the game deciding shot. Improvements this season in all areas for him will make Harrison one of the best guards in college basketball.

  • F- Terran Petteway, Nebraska - The ex-Texas Tech forward has become a baller for the Huskers. The success of Nebraska rests heavily on the shoulders of their leading scorer from last season (18.1 PPG). Petteway is feisty and fiery on both sides of the ball while being able to score and create plays.

  • F- Stanley Johnson, Arizona - Another likely one-and-done candidate that could be playing on an NBA court right now (if the rules allowed it). He is not the type that is developed in the post area down in the paint, but he can make a jump shot from all over. He will also finish on a drive above the rim. Pair all that with being a great defensive mind, and Johnson will be a guy that will help Zona go really far in the NCAA tourney this season.

  • F- Montrezl Harrell, Louisville - He is a man on the basketball court. Harrell will get you points inside the paint and keep the opponents frontcourt players from getting the ball... with pure power. Pitino is trying to develop him into more of a wing player. With an outside game to go along with his inside game, he will be one of the best players this season.

Freshman & Player of the Year

  • F- Jahlil Okafor, Duke - I've drank the Kool-Aid, which I don't usually do. After watching film on this guy, I think he will be a phenomenal college basketball & NBA player. The transition from high-school to the college level is tough for most blue chip basketball recruits, but not this guy. He is already superbly skilled and has the talent to get much better, which is scary. Okafor will tear up the paint (and a few rims) this season; then go on being a top 5 pick in the 2015 draft.