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Red Raider Gridiron: Kingsbury Talks TCU's Offense; Thinking About Realignment

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury talks about TCU's offense and the mobile quarterback. It's a quiet day and so we talk a little about potential conference realignment.

John Weast

Another Quiet Day. Sorry about that, plus I've been busy the last couple of days at work and at home, the wife has been sick. And I'm going to be away for the better part of the day.

Kingsbury Talks TCU's Offense. SI talked with Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury on the TCU offense and he talks about how having that mobile quarterback can help an offense:

"And then the quarterback, they're letting him be him," Kingsbury said of junior Trevone Boykin. "They're letting him freelance. You can tell they're not cutting the field in half. It's all progression read stuff. Then you incorporate the quarterback run stuff and it's just like the perfect storm."

Kingsbury also says that having that a mobile quarterback makes the offense that much more difficult to stop because of the mobility aspect:

"It's pretty much impossible to stop unless [they] turn the ball over," Kingsbury said. "That's the beauty of having a guy like that. Because even if it all falls apart, he's still going to somehow make a play out of it."

Anderson's Scouting Report. Texas Football had a scout take a look at some players in the state with a scout and one of them they talked about is Frisco's Jack Anderson, a Texas Tech legacy who was offered very early in his high school career, he's just a sophomore, and here are some of his strengths:

CSD Strengths: Good length with frame to put on additional muscle. Athletic, flexible and functional base to seal and work combo blocks. Good initial quickness off the snap easily working up to second level defenders. Possesses good core and is a natural knee bender. Plays with some nastiness and to the whistle.

Frank the Tank Talks Big 12. Our old realignment friend Frank the Tank talks a bit about the idea that although the Big 12 says that they are all completely happy with 10 members, they are looking to add a break-out member at some point:

Nothing has changed from my viewpoint a year ago that the Big 12 is demographically challenged long-term (other than the state of Texas) and would benefit from a 2-team expansion (specifically with Cincinnati and BYU under my Big 12 Expansion Index). I've never bought the notion that the Big 12 is truly happy being at 10 schools - their leaders will always publicly state that they're happy with their TV revenue and round-robin scheduling, but deep down, they're dying for two obvious non-power schools to rise up (similar to TCU and Utah in the past) that they can add on.

Frank also talks about how digital properties like conference networks are going to be huge sellers in the television market and the Big 12 doesn't have one.

Miscellaneous. Football Study Hall is now saying that Texas Tech might be get one conference win :( . . .