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Football in the Big XII: Week 14 Preview

Perine breaks the record against Kansas, Tech gets a road win against the Cyclones, Kansas State squeezes by West Virginia and Baylor takes care of Oklahoma State. Plus a look at Week 14

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Baylor Bears

SB Nation Blog: Our Daily Bears

Last Week: Oklahoma State 28, Baylor 49

Baylor took the lead early in this game and never looked back, cruising to a 49-28 victory over the Cowboys. It started off with two long TD passes by Bryce Petty, taking a 14-0 lead just 2.5 minutes into the game. After a Petty interception and a Oklahoma State score, Baylor orchestrated a long drive that resulted in a rushing TD by Devin Chafin. Both teams scored in the 2nd quarter, with Baylor having a 28-14 lead at halftime. Baylor took a 42-28 lead in the 4th quarter, but Oklahoma State scored twice and looked like they had a chance to tie the game. However, an INT and a 4th down stop ended the Cowboys chances and gave Baylor a 49-28 win. Bryce Petty was 18 of 29 for 262 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs. Shock Linwood rushed 21 times for 113 yards and a TD. The defense allowed 28 points, but came up big in the 4th quarter to give Baylor the win. Good win from the Bears.

Last Week’s MVP: Devin Chafin (RB Baylor)

Devin Chafin was the best player for Baylor today. He rushed the ball 21 times for 106 yards and 3 scores. Shock Linwood did well also and could've been my MVP too.

This Week: Saturday, November 29th @ 2:30 pm at ABC | Baylor vs. Texas Tech (Arlington, TX)

This is going to be ugly. Baylor is trying to win their way into the college football playoff, and Texas Tech is standing right in the way of them. Despite Tech winning last week, I don't think they'll be able to do much against the Bears. On the bright side, with all the time off, they'll be able to focus completely on recruiting in the offseason. Get those recruits to Lubbock.

Baylor 56, Texas Tech 24

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Iowa State Cyclones

SB Nation Blog: Wide Right & Natty Lite

Last Week: Texas Tech 34, Iowa State 30

Here's Seth's Post game review last week

Last Week’s MVP: Aaron Wimberly (QB Iowa State)

The Cyclone runningback was the best player for Iowa State last weekend. He rushed 19 times for 102 yards and 2 TDs. He also caught 3 passes for 22 yards.

This Week: Saturday, November 29th @ 11:00 pm on FS1 | West Virginia vs. Iowa State

Iowa State welcomes a West Virginia team likely without it's starting QB this weekend. On offense, the Cyclones need to mix up the pass and rush and try to create big plays. On defense, try to get to the QB and force him to make bad decisions. I think WVU barley squeezes by the Iowa State.

West Virginia 28, Iowa State 24

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Kansas Jayhawks

SB Nation Blog: Rock Chalk Talk

Last Week: Kansas 7, Oklahoma 44

Kansas did terrible against the Sooners, not getting any offense going at all. They only had 7 first downs on the day and didn't score an offensive touchdown. They had one drive go into Oklahoma territory, with the rest of them going nowhere. On defense, the Jayhawks let up 5 rushing TDs on the day (all to Perine) and 8 scoring drives all together. They let up 10 points in the 1st, 2 TDs in the 2nd and 17 points in the 3rd. Just not a good day all the way around for the team. Michael Cummings was 8 of 22 for 84 yards and an INT (3.8 QBR). Corey Avery rushed 11 times for 38 yards, while Tony Pierson rushed 10 times for -2 yards. The defense let up 549 yards for 44 points and forced 2 turnovers, including Cassius Sendish returning a fumble for a TD.

Last Week’s MVP: Jimmay Mudine (WR Kansas)

No one really played well for Kansas, but Mudine probably had the best

This Week: Saturday, November 29th @ 3:00 pm on FS1 | Kansas vs. Kansas State

This is going to be bad. After giving up 500 yards on the ground, Kansas will face another team that loves to rush the ball. On offense, they need to try and throw it deep and beat KSU's secondary. On defense, stop the run and don't let them set up the play-action. Kansas State handles the Jayhawks.

Kansas 10, Kansas State 42

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Kansas State Wildcats

SB Nation Blog: Bring On The Cats

Last Week: Kansas State 26, West Virginia 20

Kansas State came into West Virginia and beat a struggling Mountaineer team this past weekend. They scored on their first possesion to take a 7-0, then forced a redzone turnover to lead after the first. Kansas State then ran a punt back and kicked a FG to go up 17-3, capitalizing off WVU's turnovers. After halftime, K-State forced two more turnover, taking a 23-10 lead after the 3rd. In the 4th, the Wildcats were able to stop West Virginia and 4th down and make up for a FG eariler in the quarter to go up 26-17. They let up a late FG and were able to hold on to a 26-20 Victory, stopping a Mountaineer comeback. Jake Waters was 22 of 34 on the day for 400 yards, a TD and INT. He ran 12 times for 13 yards. The running game was nonexistent, with the two runningbacks combining for 13 carries for -4 yards. The defense only held West Virginia to 20 points and forced 4 turnovers on the day. Good win for the Wildcats as they prepare for Kansas next week.

Last Week’s MVP: Tyler Lockett (WR Kansas State)

Tyler Lockett played a great game for Kansas State yesterday. He caught 10 passes for 196 yards and returned a punt for a TD in the 2nd.

This Week: Saturday, November 29th @ 3:00 pm on FS1 | Kansas vs. Kansas State

Kansas State welcome Kansas this weekend for Lockett and Water's senior day. On offense, they will try to run down Kansas's throat and set up the play-action. On defense, don't allow Kansas to create big plays and keep them on the ground. Kansas State cruises by Kansas.

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Oklahoma Sooners

SB Nation Blog: Crimson And Cream Machine

Last Week: Kansas 7, Oklahoma 44

Oklahoma throttled Kansas last weekend, putting up 44 points and running for 510 yards, 427 coming from Samaje Perine. This game was basically Perine running down Kansas's throats the whole time. He started it off with a 49 yard TD run in the 1st quarter, then had two drives in the 2nd quarter where he ran for a 33 yard and 34 yard TDs, running the ball for a majority of the drive. Perine ran for a 66 yard TD in the 3rd, followed by a drive where he ran for 52 yards. He finally broke the record for most rushing yards in a game on a 27 yard TD run, breaking Melvin Gordan's one week record. Sooners would win the game 44-7. Cody Thomas didn't do well on the day, completing 3 of 13 passes for 39 yards. Keith Ford rushed 8 times for 34 yards and a fumble, while Daniel Brooks rushed 5 times for 24 yards. The defense held Kansas to only 103 yards and forced 2 turnovers. Great win for Oklahoma.

Last Week’s MVP: Samaje Perine (RB Oklahoma)

Samaje Perine was the best player in College Football this past weekend. He ran 34 times for 427 yards and 5 TDs, breaking the single game rushing record.

This Week: Bye

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Oklahoma State Cowboys

SB Nation Blog: Cowboys Ride For Free

Last Week: Oklahoma State 28, Baylor 49

Oklahoma State opted to go with Mason Rudolph for this game, but it wasn't enough to make a huge difference for the Cowboys.They gave up two early scores to Oklahoma State, but Oklahoma State was able to get a turnover in Baylor territory and cut the lead to 14-7. After two more Baylor TDs, Rudolph lead his team down the field and threw a TD with a second to go in the half. The Bears were able to score in the 3rd quarter and early in the 4th, but Oklahoma State started making a comeback, scoring on two straight possessions with plenty of time left. However, an INT and a failed 4th down conversion ended the game and gave Baylor the 49-28 victory. Mason Rudolph was 13 of 25 for 281 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTS. Desmond Roland rushed 17 times for 46 yards and a score, while Tyreek Hill rushed 10 times for 52 yards.. David Gidden caught 5 balls for 99 yards. The defense forced two turnovers, but allowed 579 yards and 49 points.

Last Week’s MVP: James Washington (WR Oklahoma State)

James Washington played well for Oklahoma State this weekend. He caught 4 passes for 114 yards and TD on the day.

This Week: BYE

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Texas Longhorns

SB Nation Blog: Burnt Orange Nation and Barking Carnival

Last Week: BYE

Last Week’s MVP: None

This Week: Thursday, November 27th @ 6:30 pm on FS1 | TCU vs. Texas

Texas welcomes TCU into town in hopes of knocking them out of College Football Playoff consideration. On offense, Texas should try to rush down TCU's throats. On defense, they need to get to Boykin and force them to make poor decisions with the fotball. TCU edges by the Longhorns.

TCU 38, Texas 31

TCU Horned Frogs

SB Nation Blog: Frogs O’ War

Last Week: BYE.

Last Week’s MVP: None

This Week: Thursday, November 27th @ 6:30 pm on FS1 | TCU vs. Texas

TCU is in Austin today to face Texas in hopes of getting their 10th win. On offense, they should try to create big play oppotunties and keep the defense busy. On defense, stop the running attack and try to force Swoopes to make poor choices. The Horn Frogs beat the Longhorns.

West Virginia Mountaineers

SB Nation Blog: The Smoking Musket

Last Week: Kansas State 26, West Virginia 20

West Virginia didn't have anything go well for them this weekend. First off, they turned over the ball 4 times in the game and couldn't convert on 4th down when they needed to in the 4th quarter. Then, Clint Trickett went down with a concussion that will likely keep him out for their final game. Luckily they are bowl eligible, but they have Trickett when facing Iowa State. They stopped the Wildcats rushing attack, but couldn't do anything to stop the passing game, especially Tyler Lockett. Just not a good overall day from the Mountaineers. On the bright side, back-up Skyler Howard almost lead WVU to a victory after being down the 2nd half, but it feel short in the 4th. Clint Trickett was 12 of 25 on the day for 112 yards and 2 INTs. Rushel Shell ran 15 times for 60 yards, but fumbled in the redzone. Mario Alford 4 passes for 92 yards and a score on the day. The defense let up 400 total yards and 26 points, but did force 2 turnovers on the day.

Last Week’s MVP: Skyler Howard (QB WVU)

Skyler Howard did well in his replacement effort this past Saturday, completing 15 of 23 passes for 198 yards and 2 TDs.

This Week: Saturday, November 29th @ 11:00 pm on FS1 | West Virginia vs. Iowa State

West Virginia heads to Aimes this weekend for their final regular season game as they face the Cyclones. On offense, try to get the running game going to make Skylar Howrd's job a little easier. On defense, keep the QB contained and don't allow big plays. The Mountaineers barley get past the Cyclones.

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone