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The Art of Texas Tech's Student Section

Texas Tech has one of the best student sections in the nation, and there's a reason why. Here's an explanation on how the Students and Athletic Department make it possible

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Over the years, Texas Tech has been known as having one of the best student sections across the country. For College Football, it was ranked as one of USA Today's Top 10 Students Sections and was #1 in the Big XII according to ESPN. They broke attendance record for Football, Basketball and Baseball last year, and continue to grow while other's across the nation start to lose attendance. Everyone who plays a game in Lubbock always says that Texas Tech has one of the best, rowdiest, toughest crowds around. So what makes Texas Tech's student section so good? It's all because of marketing, location, passion and craziness.


Unlike most public universities around, Texas Tech has a fairly cheap and affordable prices for their Football, Basketball and Baseball games for the students. Here are the prices for Tech compared to the universities around for attendance for football and basketball:

Texas Oklahoma Texas A&M Oklahoma State Kansas Texas Tech
$195 $215 $290 $240 $175 $52 (yes, only $52)

The only downside to this is that it's automatically added to your tuition, but $52 is not that much to be able to attend every home Texas Tech sporting event all year long. If you attend just one football game, it covers that $52 athletic fee. And if your a rabid sports fan like myself, you definitely get your money's worth. Here's how much money I would've had to spend on season tickets if I weren't a student:

Football Basketball Baseball Total
$794 $499 $99 $1,392 (save $1,340)

It's pretty safe to say that made good use to that $52 athletic fee. Other students make good use of that athletic fee too. There's no reason not to come to the game and be rowdy with prices that cheap.

Not only that, but the Athletic Office has done a good job last year advertising these games. They had prizes for attending the basketball game, they declared official blackouts and whiteouts, and had special events occurring at games to get the students interested. The coaches even help out to, with Kingsbury declaring a costume contest last year and Tubby giving out free lunch. They're giving students reasons to attend these games and make noise until the end.


The Student Sections at Texas Tech are strategically placed to give students front row seats and annoy the opponents with noise and chants. You see this at the Jones, the USA and Dan Law Field. When you think about it, it's genius. When you offer students the chance to get close to the action and grab seats that would usually be for season tickets holders, student will take advantage of that opportunity. Kyle Field student section is at the 2nd level of the stadium and while other stadiums don't allow as many close seats as Texas Tech does. Not only that, but they are all positioned right by the opponents bench, so the noise and chants by the fans can annoy and distract the opponent. It's hard to concentrate when you have the opposing crowd constantly yelling around and at you throughout the game.

Here is where the student section is at the Jones, covering 12 sections, all close to field. 4 of the student sections are right behind the bench and 4 are where the opponent comes out. The students use noise to disrupt the players and taunt them throughout the game. I tend to sit in section 20, sitting front row about half the time.

Here is where the student section is at the USA. Most students sit on the south baseline, covering from corner to corner, from courtside to the bleachers. They are also allowed to sit behind both benches, getting an upclose look at the game. Once again, as you see below, Tech is positioned all around the opposition's bench, hearing all the noise coming from the crowd. I tend to sit front row (or close to it) in section 116

Here is where the student section is at Dan Law Field. Technically, there isn't a student section, but the student can sit anywhere in general admission, getting close to the action. However, most students (like myself) prefer to sit right behind the opponents dugout. Their taunting and noise level can easily be heard in the dugout. Not only that, but when the opposition goes back to the dugout, they have to walk towards the crazy students. I tend to sit behind the net

This is why Tech's location is key to having one of the best student sections


Texas Tech fans are some of the most passionate around, and that includes the students. While most student sections are losing attendance lately, Texas Tech's just keep on rising.

The students broke a Texas Tech attendance record with 16,092 students during the TCU game last year and almost broke it again for the season opener. They broke an average student attendance record last year with an average of 11,249 students coming per game. The students were also projected to average 11,000 students per game this season despite the Red Raiders' 3-7 record. They still show up to the game to support their team and show their pride. Some schools' students don't attend games when their teams struggle, but not Texas Tech. Also, Texas Tech had more students at their football games last year than any other school in the Big XII with the exception of Texas and Oklahoma State.

For basketball, Tech broke a basketball attendance record of 6,086 students for the Kansas State, less than 2,000 shy of the national record. They also brought huge crowds during Big XII play. Not bad for a football school.

They also broke the student attendance record for baseball last season and contributed to the 2,527 attendance average the baseball team posted last season. They showed up for big match-ups and helped cheer on the Red Raiders.

Having a bunch on students at the game yelling their hearts out and being a prescience no matter the record is one reason why Tech is one the best.


Finally, Texas Tech has no doubt some of the weirdest, wildest, craziest students in the nation. They are known across the nation for their, shall we say, "involvement" in the game. They drive the opposition crazy with their noise, chants and antics.

Anyone that has been to a Texas Tech game knows that they are loud. They come to the game rowdy and make noise all game long. Sometimes it gets so loud I can't hear myself think. I can only imagine how the players feel. This happens at Football, Basketball and even a few Baseball game last year. This crowd gets extremely loud when they are pumped up about their team.

Not only that, but they can get a bit crazy. They do several chants and antics throughout the game, including official school traditions (Fight song, Matador song), unofficial school traditions (throwing tortillas) and coming up with random chants on the spot (most of which I can't repeat here). One of the craziest moments I've experienced was last year's game against Oklahoma State when they had a costume contest during the game. Many students dressed up and there were some pretty good ones. They dressed up as Bender, Mad Hatter, Kingsbury himself, Mrs. Kingsbury and William Wallace.

There's a reason why opponents always dread playing in Lubbock, and that's because of the noise and wildness the students bring to the game.

That's why, in my opinion, Texas Tech has some of the most supportive, energetic students in the nation. The Athletic Department and Student body always do a great job of supporting this team. Their energy this long football season will help this team gain confidence next season and it has shown recruits that we support our team no matter what. Give yourself a pat on the back students. Y'all deserve it.