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Tech Students Like Making Jokes About Baker Mayfield

Texas Tech students made few jokes about Baker Mayfield, and they're pretty hilarious

I don't know what he's doing in this picture
I don't know what he's doing in this picture
Ronald Martinez

Not a lot of people at Tech like Mayfield after he fled the program to go to OU. Not really because he left, but the way he did it. You know, the whole "Bad Communication" and "Wanted to go to OU all along"  comment. So yeah, not a lot of people are happy with Mayfield.

So anyway, I just got out of tutoring for my math class, and I went on this app called YikYak. For those who don't know what this is (basically all of you), it is an app where college students write anonymous comments about themselves, the university, what's going on around campus, and, of course, parties. However, it is all used to make jokes and funny comments about life and everything going on around Tech. It's similar to writing things on the bathroom stall; no one knows it's you and you can say or comment about whatever you say.

Well I got on YikYak after tutoring, and I saw a whole bunch of Baker Mayfield jokes, and it was awesome. It basically a bunch of Hunter Pence jokes except they were about Baker Mayfield, and it was just fantastic. I'd like to share them with you now (some of them are inappropriate, so I didn't include those).

EDIT: I'm not really making fun of the guy, or saying he's a bad person, I just want to share these funny, random jokes. If you decide to make some here, please don't do anything radical.

  • Baker Mayfield goes to Olive Garden and doesn't eat the breadsticks
  • Baker Mayfield is the guy to say ChaChaCha during Happy Birthday
  • Baker Mayfield doesn't think Whataburger should be opened 24 hours a day
  • Baker Mayfield likes pop tarts without icing
  • Baker Mayfield doesn't think Oreo's are milk's favorite cookie
  • Baker Mayfield doesn't leave a tip
  • Baker Mayfield hates Krabby Patties (Spongebob reference)
  • Baker Mayfield likes to eat the Chum Bucket (another Spongebob reference)
  • Baker Mayfield gave Plankton the secret formula (yet another Spongebob reference)
  • Baker Mayfield didn't delete the free U2 album on iTunes
  • Baker Mayfield doesn't say thank you when you hold the door open for him
  • Baker Mayfield wears socks with sandals
  • Baker Mayfield doesn't like the Beatles
  • Baker Mayfield doesn't get Fried Cheese when he goes to Spanky's
  • Baker Mayfield hates the movie Anchorman
  • Baker Mayfield can't shuffle playing cards
  • Baker Mayfield hates the movie Mighty Ducks
  • Baker Mayfield comment's "First" on everything (like some of y'all used to do....)
  • Baker Mayfield can't tie his own shoe
  • Baker Mayfield wears clip-on ties
  • Baker Mayfield says "nevermind" when Chipotle tells him guacamole is extra
  • Baker Mayfield's favorite band is Nickelback
  • Baker Mayfield works for TTU Parking Services (Nobody likes them)
  • Baker Mayfield is the one who let the dogs out
  • Baker Mayfield's favorite actor is Nicholas Cage
  • Baker Mayfield thinks Taylor Swift is still country music
  • Baker Mayfield walks on Memorial Circle
  • Baker Mayfield doesn't bring his own beer to a BYOB party
  • Baker Mayfield's favorite player in the NFL is Jay Cutler

Pretty funny right? If you to take crack at it, go ahead below