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Red Raider Gridiron: Reliving 2008; Isaac HOF; Bowlsby Talks LHN

Offensive coordinator Eric Morris is asked about reliving 2008. Larry Isaac will be inducted into the Texas Tech Hall of Fame and Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby talks about the Longhorn Network.

Ronald Martinez

Two Minute Drill with Kingsbury.

"Don't let the last game beat you twice." -- Kliff Kingsbury #truth #humbled #blessed #hashtag #IAmAddingAllOfTheseHashtagsForNoReason #GonnaGetSomeColdCutsToday

Courtney Davis affirms, as did Kingsbury last night, that QB Davis Webb is a game-day decision, so there's your injury update.

Reliving 2008. LAJ's Don Williams sat down with Eric Morris about the 2008 Texas vs. Texas Tech game:

Asked what he remembered about Graham Harrell's 28-yard touchdown pass to Crabtree with one second left, Morris smiled and said, "That I was open on that play where he scored."

"I had my hand up," said Morris, who was next to Crabtree in a three-receivers-right formation. "And he didn't throw it to me, which, it all worked out good. If I was Graham, I probably would have thrown it to that guy, too. He's pretty good."

Isaac to be Inducted to Texas Tech Hall of Fame. LAJ's Don Williams writes about one of Texas Tech's greatest running backs in Larry Isaac, who was a running back at Texas Tech from 1972 through 1976 and played on some of the best teams at Texas Tech.  Go read the whole thing.

The Longhorn Network Might be a Problem. Per the Austin American Statesman's Brian Davis Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby wrote that the Longhorn Network is a boulder in the road to Big 12 television plans:

Asked specifically how the Longhorn Network was doing and how it impacts long-term planning, Bowlsby said, "The Longhorn Network is a boulder in the road. It really is. They did something that almost no other institution in the country could do because of the population in the state, and we're looking at some way to try and morph that around a little bit."

"It really begs the question about, how are we going to get our sports in the years ahead?," Bowlsby continued. "If technology changes in the next five years as much as it's changed in the last five years, we're not going to be getting our sports by cable TV. I don't know what it'll be. But increasingly, we're using mobile devices ... Google Network and Apple TV and things like that are coming into play."

Bowlsby added, "I'm not sure the world needs another exclusive college cable network. Rather than trying to do what everybody else has done, I would much rather try to figure out what tomorrow's technology is and get on the front side of that and be a part of what happens going forward and monetize that."

At least Bowlsby is saying what we've all been thinking for the past 4 or 5 years.

Miscellaneous. The DMN has dueling predictions, one from the Texas Tech side things predicting a Texas Tech win and from the Texas side of things predicting a Texas win . . . all three ESPN bloggers chose the Longhorns . . . Football Study Hall's totally awesome prediction model has Texas Tech with a 3.4 point win and I think it's pretty much been spot on (win vs. loss, not against the spread) for the year for Texas Tech . . . Burnt Orange Nation writes about how the dismissals and suspensions have affected the Texas offense while Barking Carnival writes about lackluster Texas offense . . . Barking Carnival also has their big game preview in The Texas Pregamer . . .