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Who will be visiting for the Texas Tech / Texas game?

We take a look at what big prospects will be visiting for the Texas game this weekend, including a few 4-star recruits. Here is the long list of prospects in Lubbock

Ronald Martinez

Two weeks ago, we had two basketball recruits visit Texas Tech and one coming away committing to the Red Raiders. Then just this past Tuesday, one of the visitors for the West Virginia game (Carlos Strickland) committed to Texas Tech. Visits matter. Kahlil Haughton and Viamoe Sekona were supposed to visit this weekend, but Haughton pushed it back to the OU game and Sekona has committed to Oklahoma State. This weekend, a few 4-star recruits visit and some other big names are visiting, and could be wearing a Texas Tech jersey in the future.

The Commits

Jarrett Stidham - Quarterback (Stephenville HS, Stephenville, TX)

Height Weight 40 time Vertical Power Throw Ratings
6'3" 185 lbs 4.57 (4.38 shuttle) 31.1" 32.5' 98 (247), 86 (ESPN), 6.0 (Rivals), 5-star (Scout)

It wouldn't be a home game without an unofficial visit from Jarrett Stidham. He visits Texas Tech for the 4th time this season, this time with new WR committed to the program and eyes on another one. He'll likely be talking to KeKe Coutee while he is there, who is heavily looking at the program. Stidham could try to convince Coutee to join an offense that is already looking amazing this weekend. It's always appealing when you have a Top rated QB trying to convince you to catch balls from him. Also, a 4-star WR in the 2016 class will be there, so Stidham could start to form a relationship with him too and get him aboard as well. Shows how much Stidham loves this program.

Collin Wilder - Safety (Katy HS, Katy, TX)

Height Weight 40 time Vertical Ratings
5'11" 185 lbs 4.54 31.5" 86 (247), 80 (ESPN), 5.8 (Rivals), 3-star (Scout)

Collin Wilder will make yet another unofficial visit to Lubbock this weekend, bring two of his teammates with him. Being the first commit of the 2016 class, he could start convincing other 2016 recruits to commit to the Red Raiders. There are a few 2016 recruits coming this weekend he could start talking to an convince to choose the Red Raiders. He also could talk to Justin Reid while he's there. He could try and convince Justin Reid to form a DB duo with him when he comes to Tech. Despite him being in a different class, he could still make an impact on Justin Reid. Collin has a chance to grab some future teammates this weekend.

Football Recruits

KeKe Coutee - Wide Receiver (Lufkin HS, Lufkin, TX)

Height Weight 40 time Ratings
5'10" 185 lbs 4.41 87 (247), 80 (ESPN), 5.7 (Rivals), 3-star (Scout)

KeKe Coutee will be in town this weekend for a visit, his first official visit thus far. KeKe Coutee was originally committed to Texas, but decomitted shortly after Charlie Strong was hired. Since then, he's been leaning towards Texas Tech. He attended a Texas Tech camp in Longview this summer and now will be visiting Lubbock for himself, against the school he decomitted from. He'll likely be on the lookout for how Texas Tech uses their speed WRs and how they are used in the offense. He'll also likely be getting pitches from Jarrett Stidham in the game. Coutee is a guy I could see commit after this weekend. He is an athlete, but will likely become a WR instead of a CB if he comes to the Red Raiders. Be on the lookout for him.

Darrion Daniels - Defensive Tackle (Bishop Dunne, Dallas, TX)

Height Weight Rating
6'4" 290 lbs 88 (247), 80 (ESPN), 5.9 (Rivals), 4-star (Scout)

According to Rivals, Darrion Daniels will be taking another visit to Texas Tech (3rd or 4th visit), this time for his official visit. His only other visit thus far has been Oklahoma two weeks ago when the Sooners lost to Kansas State. Darrion Daniels named his Top 3 a month or two ago, naming Baylor, Oklahoma and Texas Tech. 247sports has Tech on top, right above Baylor and Oklahoma. He will look at the defensive line and see how Mike Smith uses them. He also should notice the depth at the Defensive Tackle position and the chance to start right away. I think Darrion Daniels has a chance to commit to the Red Raiders after the visit.

Darrell Stewart - Athlete (Nimitz HS, Houston, TX)

Height Weight Ratings
6'1" 190 lbs 87 (247), 78 (ESPN), 5.6 (Rivals), 3-star (Scout)

Darrell Stewart will be using his 3rd official visit this weekend for the Texas Tech / Texas game. He visited Iowa State in a disappointing loss to NDST and Boise State on September 19th. He was committed to Boise State early in process, but after getting offers from Michigan State and Texas Tech, he decommitted from the Broncos. He'll likely plat safety at the next level, which is where I believe Stewart will play if he does come to Tech. This weekend, I think Stewart will look at both WRs and DBs to see how they are used in the system. I would imagine that he also will talk to Justin Reid and Tech commit Collin Wilder, both whom are safeties. Stidham will likely talk with him too. I'm not sure when Darrell Stewart is expected to make a decision.

Joseph "JoJo" Wicker - Defensive Tackle (Long Beach Poly, Long Beach, CA)

Height Weight 40 time Shuttle Vertical Power Throw Ratings
6'2" 265 lbs 5.07 5.16 25" 35' 94 (247), 82 (ESPN), 5.8 (Rivals), 4-star (Scout)

Joseph Wicker will make his first scheduled official visit this weekend to Texas Tech. He was offered late in the process by Darrin Chiaverini, but decided he wanted to visit the Red Raiders. He also plans to visit Oklahoma, Arizona State, Norte Dame and UCLA. Joseph doesn't know a whole lot about Texas Tech, living in Pac-12 country, so I bet he'll want to see the atmosphere of Big XII football and how he would fit on the defensive line. He is another guy that could start right away. He could also talk to fellow DT Darrion Daniels while there, kind of like when Strickland talked to Johnson for the WVU game. I don't think he would commit shortly after a visit, having other visits set up, but he's someone to keep an eye on down the line.

Justin Reid - Safety (Dutchtown HS, Geismar, LA)

Height Weight 40 (shuttle) Vertical Power Throw Ratings
6'1" 193 lbs 4.64 (4.32) 40.1" 35' 93 (247), 76 (ESPN), 5.6 (Rivals), 3-star (Scout)

Justin Reid will be taking his second official visit this weekend to Texas Tech. His only other official visit was to Oklahoma on September 13th for the Tennessee game and also visited OU for the Red River Rivalry. Tech doesn't have a safety committed to the 2015 class yet and would like to add a guy like Reid to the offense. He is a 4-star safety who has bloodlines to the NFL and has incredibly high grades. His brother was a safety at LSU (Eric Reid, currently with the 49ers), but doesn't have an offer from them yet. Reid will likely look at how the safeties play and the depth at the position. There isn't a whole lot of depth at the position and hopefully Reid will notice that and see that there is a chance to crack the 2 Deep roster. He'll likely talk with Stidham and fellow safety Collin Wilder while he is there. Hopefully the visit goes well and he becomes a Red Raider.

Damion Ratley - Wide Receiver (Blinn College, Brenham, TX)

Height Weight 40 time Vertical Ratings
6'1" 185 lbs 4.47 35" 82 (247), NR (ESPN), 5.5 (Rivals), 2-Star (Scout)

Damion Ratley will be taking his first official visit this weekend to Texas Tech. He was orginally supposed to visit for the OU game, but his team was eliminated from the playoffs and he will be visiting Lubbock this weekend. He was originally committed to UTSA, but decommitted when Texas Tech offered him. He also has another offer from Kentucky. He is visiting the Wildcats the weekend of December 13th. Tech is looking a big receivers for the 2015 class (they added Strickland just this week) and Ratley is one they're looking at. While on his visit, he'll probably look at how they use Cantrell and where he would fit in their offense. He may also look at Lauderdale to see how JUCOs adjust to the offense. He'll likely talk to Stidham while there too. His teammate DeDe Westbrook, who has Tech on top, will be visiting Tech December 5th. Damion could be someone who commits after his visit.

Devin Duvernay - Wide Receiver (Sachse HS, Sachse, TX)

Height Weight 40 time Shuttle Vertical Power Throw Ratings
5'11" 180 lbs 4.46 4.35 36.4" 35' 95 (247), 86 (ESPN), 5.8 (Rivals), 4-star (Scout)

According to Daniel Paulling, Devin Duvernay will be visiting Texas Tech this weekend. He is a Top 5 WR recruit for the 2016 class and is a Top 25 recruit overall. I'm not 100% sure, but he has visited Texas and A&M this season and now he will be visiting Texas Tech. Also going with him is his brother, who doesn't have a Texas Tech offer at the moment. Devin is a 2016 recruits, so the imagine he'll basically look at how the WRs are playing and the depth they have behind him. He's a guy that could start right away if he comes to Tech. Stidham will likely talk to him, along with fellow 2016 recruit Collin Wilder. Devin is not expected to make a commitment any time soon.

Donovan Duvernay - Wide Receiver (Sachse HS, Sachse, TX)

Height Weight 40 time Ratings
5'10: 175 lbs 4.55 NR (247), NR (ESPN), NR (Rivals), NR (Scout)

Donovan Duvernay, brother of Devin, will also be visiting Texas Tech this weekend. His only offer thus far is Boise State, but Texas Tech is looking at Donovan. He is one of many WRs being looked at for the 2016 class. This may be a case where the scouts haven't looked at him yet and could be given a decant rating later on. Donovan will likely be looking at the same things Devin will be looking, depth and how they use their WRs. He'll also listen to what Stidham has to say too. Who knows, maybe Texas Tech will offer him later on and try to get them both on the Red Raiders.

Terrence Steele - Offensive Tackle (Steele HS, Cibolo, TX)

Height Weight 40 time Shuttle Vertical Power Throw Ratings
6'5" 295 lbs 5.36 5.31 23.1" 35.5' NR (247), NR (ESPN), NR (Rivals), NR (Scout)

Terrence Steele will be taking his first official visit to Texas Tech this weekend. He went to Mike Jinks old school (Steele) and has offers so far from Texas Tech and BYU. Outside of this, I don't know much about the 2015 OT. This is the first time I've heard of him and the only reason I know he's visiting is because Daniel Paulling mentioned him. So don't ask me questions about him because I probably don't know the answer. Steele will likely look at how the Offensive Tackles play and how they could use a guy of his size. I wouldn't be surprised if he talks to Stidham some as well.