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Football in the Big XII: Week 10 preview

K-State shut out the Longhorns, Mountaineers win in Stillwater and TCU dominates Texas Tech. Plus a look into Week 10 match-ups.

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Baylor Bears

SB Nation Blog: Our Daily Bears

Last Week: Bye

Last Week’s MVP: None

This Week: Saturday, November 1st @ 3:00pm on FS1 | Kansas vs. Baylor

Baylor welcomes the bottom of the Big XII into town this weekend for a match-up against the Jayhawks. Kansas has had respectable performances against OKST and TTU this month, but it won't be enough to beat Baylor. On offense, Baylor should balance the ball and expose Kansas's weak secondary. On defense, defend the run well and watch out for the deep ball. Baylor wins easily.

Kansas 13, Baylor 52

Iowa State Cyclones

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Last Week: Bye

Last Week’s MVP: None

This Week: Saturday, November 1st @ 11:00 am on FS1 | Oklahoma vs. Iowa State

Iowa State welcomes Oklahoma into town just two weeks after a disappointing loss to Texas. Iowa State is always a tough out a home, and with OU coming off losses to TCU and K-State, this could be the trap game for the Sooners. Iowa State will have to utilize Sam Richardson on the offensive end and stop OU's dangerous rushing attack on defense. I'm going to pick risky here and go with the upset.

Oklahoma 24, Iowa State 27

Kansas Jayhawks

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Last Week: Bye

Last Week’s MVP: None

This Week: Saturday, November 1st @ 3:00 pm on FS1 | Kansas vs. Baylor

After a bye week, Kansas travels to Waco to face a Baylor team that just suffered their first loss of the season. On offense, they'll have to find a way to create big play opportunities. On defense, they must stop Baylor from going deep on them. Kansas loses in Waco.

Kansas State Wildcats

SB Nation Blog: Bring On The Cats

Last Week: Texas 0, Kansas State 23

Kansas State welcomed Texas into town this past weekend and did something no one else had done since 2004; shut out UT. The game started off slow, with Texas punting a few times and Kansas State scoring a couple field goals. Then half-way through the 2nd quarter, the Wildcats constructed a long drive for a TD. Then the in the 2nd half, Kansas State wasted even more clock, not giving Texas the ball. Texas finally got close to scoring in the 4th quarter down 16-0, but failed to convert a 4th down due to a controversial call. Kansas State would score the following possession and win 23-0. The offense didn't do the best, but got the job done. Jake Waters was 19 of 30 on the day for 224 yards, with 108 of them going to Tyler Lockett. The rushing duo of Charles Jones and DeMarcus Robinson rushed 29 times for 99 yards a 2 TDs. The defense didn't allow the offense to get going at all, only allowing 196 yards and a turnover. Good win by the Wildcats

Last Week’s MVP: Charles Jones (RB Kansas State)

There wasn't an outstanding player on the day, so I'm going to go with Charles Jones. He rushed the ball 13 times for 49 yards and a TD, being the key RB on the 1st TD drive and scoring a TD on the 2nd TD drive.

This Week: Saturday, November 1st @ 7:00pm on ABC | Oklahoma State vs. Kansas State

A struggling Oklahoma State team comes into town against a red hot Kansas State team for a night game. What do you think is going happen? K-State should attack OKST with the option on offense, getting Lockett and Sexton involved in the passing game. On defense, stop Tyreek Hill and force them to air it out. I have the Wildcats winning this match-up

Oklahoma State 13, Kansas State 38

Oklahoma Sooners

SB Nation Blog: Crimson And Cream Machine

Last Week: Bye

Last Week’s MVP: None

This Week: Saturday, November 1st @ 11:00 am on FS1 | Oklahoma vs. Iowa State

Oklahoma goes into Aimes off a bye week to try and get a victory against an Iowa State team that's always tough at home. Oklahoma must utilize their rushing game, attacking Iowa State up the middle and not forcing Trevor Knight into making key decisions. On defense, stop Sam Richardson and don't allow the Cyclones the trick them. However, I'm going with the risk, predicting Iowa State to pull off the upset.

Oklahoma State Cowboys

SB Nation Blog: Cowboys Ride For Free

Last Week: West Virginia 34, Oklahoma State 10

Oklahoma State's struggles continued again this week when they welcomed WVU into town. They started off by allowing two TDs right away to West Virginia. Then they struggled in WVU territory, turning it over on downs and throwing a pick while driving. Two crucial errors. Then the Cowboys settled down, not allowing WVU to score and finishing the half with 10 unanswered points (even though they missed a FG). However, they came out in the 2nd half struggling again, allowing long possession, turning over the ball and not being able to get their offense going. They ended up losing 34-10 in a bad performance overall. Daxx Garman struggled throughout the day, completing only 21 of 41 passes for 242 yards for a TD and 2 INTs. Tyreek Hill did well on the day, but Desmond Roland rushed 12 times and only got 37 yards. The defense couldn't do much against the Mountaineers , giving up 448 yards and not forcing any turnovers. Just not a good performance by the Cowboys.

Last Week’s MVP: Tyreek Hill (RB Oklahoma State)

Tyreek Hill was the lone bright spot for the Cowboys this year. He rushed the ball 14 times for 78 yards and caught 3 passes for 26 yards.

This Week: Saturday, November 1st @ 7:00 pm on ABC | Oklahoma State vs. Kansas State

The Cowboys go into the "Little Apple" this weekend to try and stop the Wildcats. They must run effectively on offense if they want a chance to come away with a victory. On defense, stop the option early, forcing Kansas State to be one dimensional. I predict the Cowboys to not have a very good weekend.

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Texas Longhorns

SB Nation Blog: Burnt Orange Nation and Barking Carnival

Last Week: Texas 0, Kansas State 23

Texas played a disastrous game this weekend, being shutout for the first time in 10 years and allowing long scoring drives by the Wildcats. They had a punt on every possession in the first half, only getting into enemy territory once. They forced K-State to punt the ball twice, but allowed them to score 3 times. The 2nd half was a little better, only giving up 10 points to K-State, but the offense was at a stand still yet again. They punted on every possession, with the exception of two, which results in a fumble and controversial turnover of downs. The offense could get anything going last weekend, mostly due to the offensive line. They have struggled all season and fail to give Swoopes time in the pocket. Tyrone Swoopes only threw for 106 yards on the day, with 42 yards going to John Harris. The rushing attack wasn't any better, with Malcolm Brown rushing 6 times for 21 yards and Johnathan Gray rushing 10 times for 24 yards. The defense was able to hold Kansas State to 23 points, but didn't force a turnover and allowed long drives. Texas, much like Tech, needs a lot of improvement.

Last Week’s MVP: Tyrone Swoopes (QB Texas)

No one was really deserving of the MVP, so I'm just going to do with Tyrone Swoopes. He completed 13 of 25 passes for 106 yards and rushed 8 times for 31 yards.

This Week: Saturday, November 1st @ 6:30pm on FS1 | Texas vs. Texas Tech

The two most disappointing teams in the Big XII face off this weekend in Lubbock for a match-up at the Jones. We still don't know if Webb (along with other key players) will be playing this weekend, so it's hard to determine the score. Texas's defense has been great, but their offense struggles due to their weak offensive line. Unfortunately for Tech, they don't exactly have a good D-line. It hates me to say this, but I say UT wins. Too many injuries to overcome.

Texas 24, Texas Tech 14

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TCU Horned Frogs

SB Nation Blog: Frogs O’ War

Last Week: Texas Tech 27, TCU 82

I'm running late writing this and I really don't want to write about it again. You can look at my post game review if you really want to experience this over again. Aaron Green and Trevorris Johnson combined for 16 carries for 210 yards and 3 TDs. On the receiving end, Deante' Gray caught 4 times for 165 yards and 2 TDs, while Josh Doctson caught 4 passes for 76 yards and 2 TDs. The defense forced 4 turnovers on the day and was good after a struggling first half.

Last Week’s MVP: Trevone Boykin (QB TCU)

Trevone Boykin was breaking records against the Red Raiders this past weekend. He completed 22 of 39 passes for 433 yards and 7 TDs, while rushing 7 times for 28 yards on the ground.

This Week: Saturday, November 1st @ 2:30 pm on ABC | TCU vs. West Virginia

This is the Big XII game of the week, as the two most surprising teams in the Big XII match-up this weekend in Morgantown. On offense, TCU must use Boykin to keep the defense guessing and put up points. On defense, don't allow Clint Trickett easy passes and force them to run the ball. I think TCU struggles at first, but pulls off a victory.

TCU 54, West Virginia 51

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West Virginia Mountaineers

SB Nation Blog: The Smoking Musket

Last Week: West Virginia 34, Oklahoma State 10

West Virginia came in high off and Baylor win and continued it again this weekend. They started off scoring fast against the Cowboys, driving down the field on one possession and throwing a 79 yard TD on the next. They also stopped the Cowboys on two key possessions. The Mountainers started to struggle in the 2nd quarter though, giving OKST scoring chances and becoming idle on offense. In the 2nd half, the Mountaineers started to pick it up again. After two straight punts, WVU scored on a field goal, a pick 6 and a long rushing TD, while not allowing Oklahoma State to score. They cruised to a 34-10 victory in Stillwater. Clint Trickett was 21 of 30 for 238 yards and 2 TDs, with 136 yards (and a TD) going to Mario Alford. Wendell Smallwood was a key contributor also, rushing 23 times for 132 yards. The defense had 4 key stops and only allowed 10 points. Good day overall by the Mountaineers.

Last Week’s MVP: Dravon Henry (CB West Virginia)

This week I'm giving the MVP to a defensive player. Why? Because he had a key stop on a drive early on a intercepteda driving OKST later on for a TD. Two key plays that made a difference.

This Week: Saturday, November 1st @ 2:30 pm on ABC | TCU vs. West Virginia

West Virginia comes back to Morgantown this weekend to face a tough TCU team that just put up 82 points. On offense, keep the defense guessing with quality runs and throws. On defense, don't let Boykin buy extra time and make deep plays down the field. I don't think Morgantown will experiences a riot this weekend, as TCU wins.

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