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Red Raider Gridiron: 2-Minute Drill with Kingsbury; LB Chris Payne Returns; Game Predictions

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury talks about the Kansas State Wildcats. LB Chris Payne returns to the team after a torn Achilles' tendon and predictions around the internets.

John Weast

Two Minute Drill with Kingsbury.

Payne Returns. LB Chris Payne, who was out all of last year with academic issues, and suffered a torn Achille's tendon in the spring, now returns and I would guess that Payne will play on special teams.  For some reason, I think I read something somewhere yesterday that Payne was flipped to the secondary, but he's always played the Raider linebacker position.  The one good thing is that Payne is a tackling machine and he's always been that way.  Let's hope that continues.

Predictions. The Kansas City Star has their game preview and prediction and they are predicting a good old-fashioned tail whipping:

One thing is for sure: This game will be high scoring. Kansas State has struggled against the pass, and Texas Tech has struggled against the run. Those defensive weaknesses play into the strengths of both offenses. But K-State's defense is significantly stronger than Texas Tech's, and the Red Raiders might not have a healthy starting quarterback. At home, expect the Wildcats to win by double digits.

The ESPN Big 12 staff picked Kansas State (I did too if it makes anyone feel any better OR worse).  The ESPN Big 12 blog folks do think that IR Bradley Marquez needs to be a player in the spotlight this week (and I agree):

Texas Tech receiver Bradley Marquez: Whoever lines up under center will garner much of the attention, but the Red Raiders' offense seems to have more success and increase in its explosiveness when Marquez is involved. He has six touchdown receptions in four games and 65.4 percent of his receptions result in a first down or touchdown. Getting him involved could be the key to Tech's hopes for success.

DMN's Tommy Magelssen is also predicting a Kansas State win.

Unexpected Opportunity.  The LAJ has a good look at K-State's Ryan Mueller, who was a walk-on, and now a preseason Big 12.  It's crazy to think that Mueller was 6-1/205 and on his way to Manhattan and now plays around 245 or so.

Check out BOTC. Lots of stuff from our friends at Bring On The Cats: a round table, a Q&A with myself and Jon Morse, and MikeTTU podcasts with the guys at BOTC.

Miscellaneous. Football Study Hall has their weekly picks and it's not a pretty prediction for Texas Tech . . .