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Red Raiders in the NFL 10.29.14

Tom Brady and Danny Amendola become reacquainted, as the former Red Raider returns to being a solid contributor the last couple of weeks, and Wes Welker has just one goal for this season.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Amendola has been found. Danny Amendola seemed to be MIA for the first part of the season, but the last couple of weeks he has provided a spark for the New England Patriots as a punt returner. I accidentally overlooked him in last week's post after he had a career game against the New York Jets. He had the game-winning touchdown and recovered an onside kick to help his team find a narrow victory. Way to go, Amendola!

Amaro struggles with the easy stuff. Jace Amaro is putting together a great rookie season for the New York Jets and is praised for making many difficult catches in traffic, but he's also had three key drops when he was wide open.

The "D word" is drops. Hagen did not want to hear it, even from a reporter this week. But there is no denying it has been an issue for rookie tight end Jace Amaro this season. Amaro leads the Jets with 27 catches and has done some good things. But he has three drops this season. All of them have come on passes where he was wide open.

Against the Bears, Broncos and Patriots, at some point Amaro foound himself standing alone when a pass came to him. In each game, that pass bounced off his hands. It is remarkable when you look at some of the tough passes he has caught in traffic this year.

Think a good thought for Cody Davis. Cody Davis' status is uncertain due to a concussion. Hope he recovers quickly and gets back on the field soon.

Waddle was inactive this week. LaAdrian Waddle did not play in the Detroit Lions come from behind win in London on Sunday. He had a concussion from the previous week but has practiced some since.

Welker has just one goal. According to Wes Welker, he doesn't care about how many catches he gets; he only cares about his team being successful. His one goal is winning a Superbowl, and he thinks the key is for the Denver Broncos to not get complacent.

"I don't think you can get complacent," Welker said. "You want to continually get better as the season goes on and not hit any roadblocks. Just stay focused on the task at hand. Complacency is one thing that can really take over, especially when you're having a lot of success. We have a bunch of leaders in our locker room that do a good job of staying on top of guys and make sure we don't get like that, make sure that each and every week is a big week."

And just for fun, sports expert David Spade shares how Wes Welker is ruining his fantasy football team: