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Red Raider Gridiron: Recapping TCU; Updates on Webb, Fortenberry & Stidham Injuries

We recap the newspapers from the TCU game plus we have a few updates on Davis Webb and Reshod Fortenberry as well as Texas Tech commit Jarrett Stidham having surgery on his right hand.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech Unravels. LAJ's Don Williams writes about how Texas Tech unraveled on Saturday:

Special teams mishandled a sky kickoff. Earlier this season, Kansas State tried that tactic twice with no success against the Red Raiders, but it worked Saturday and it led to a touchdown. Tyler Scalzi got into position to make a fair catch around the 20, but didn't and nothing good usually happens when you let a kickoff bounce.

Davis Webb dropped a snap that went right through his hands. He threw an interception on a play in which he had two receivers in the general area, finding two enemy hands where he had four friendlys.

It's not all on Webb. His offensive tackles, even the usually reliable Le'Raven Clark, let him down twice in a big way. That led to Webb losing a fumble in one case, suffering a game-ending lower-leg injury in the other.

Fumbles Cause Problems. LAJ's Nicholas Talbot writes that the fumbles were the big problem against TCU:

Kingsbury has called a few of the losses this season, and even one of the wins - Central Arkansas - embarrassing.

This was worse.

The Red Raiders had made progress in the last few weeks as Mike Smith took over on defense. They nearly defeated West Virginia (37-34), which is currently playing as well as anyone in the conference. And they had picked up their first Big 12 win in nearly a year, defeating Kansas 34-21.

While Kingsbury said Texas Tech has to keep fighting, all of that progress is wiped out.

On Monday, the Red Raiders have to start from square one again and figure out why this team can't perform on the level Kingsbury and its fans expect it to.

I really don't understand the sentence, "While Kingsbury said Texas Tech has to keep fighting, all of that progress is wiped out." What does this mean? I'm serious here, I'm not sure.

Notebooky. Yesterday, I asked what happened to RT Reshod Fortenberry and the LAJ's notebook says that he had a back issue that kept him out of most of the second half of the game. Also from the notebook is the scuffle between Chris Hackett and D.J. Polite-Bray.  I think I read something that said that Hackett has already been cleared by the Big 12 and from the description, it appears that Hackett instigated it (I still haven't had time to watch the game) so it would make sense that Polite-Bray would be cleared too.  And finally, the QB Davis Webb injury, which had him on crutches heading into Saturday's game against Texas, which would mean that QB Patrick Mahomes would get the snaps.

Stidham to Have Surgery on Throwing Hand. Per the LAJ, Texas Tech commit QB Jarret Stidham will have surgery on his throwing hand, right below his right ring finger, today.  Wish Stidham a speedy recovery.

Miscellaneous. SAEN with their ranking of the Big 12 and it is not good for Texas Tech fans, while the DMN ranks the state of Texas and I don't think I need to tell you the rest . . .