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Post-Game Thread: Texas Tech 27, TCU 82

Tech loses 82-27 in a pathetic performance in Fort Worth. Poor defensive and offensive execution, along with bad turnovers, doomed the Red Raiders in a 55 point defeat. Here is your post annihilation thread

How we all feel about the game
How we all feel about the game
Juergen Schwarz

Ugh. We're not very good

Texas Tech and TCU came out firing, exchanging big plays with each other early on in the game. Kenny Williams and Devin Lauderdale scored on 50+ yard plays and Jakeem Grant gained 50 yards down the field on another possession. The defense wasn't helping though, allowing a huge run up the middle for a TD, letting Boykin break loose and throw a 50 yard TD and allowing a 50 yard pass in TCU's own endzone. Then Tech started slowing down and making mistakes while the Horn Frogs kept on putting up points. Before you knew it, it was 37-20 at half time and 61-20 half way through the 3rd quarter. Not only that, but Webb was hurt early in the 3rd with an ankle injury and didn't return. Mahomes came in and did alright, but not enough to give Tech a shot of coming back.

The biggest reason why we lost is because of turnover and dumb penalties. Webb threw to a receiver not even looking at him for an INT, dropped a snap and fumbled the ball at the end of the 1st half. That resulted in 13 points for the Horn Frogs. Unacceptable. Then on special teams end, Tech had a terrible pass inference call, roughed the kicker later in the half and failed to put a hand on a 50 yard kickoff. One of the penalties was bad call by the officials, but the other was unacceptable. The defense also couldn't stop TCU if they were chained to the field. They only forced three punts and let them score on 13 possessions.

Tech's potential is so high, but ill timed turnovers, stupid penalties and blown assignments keep on haunting the Red Raiders. The problem still hasn't been fixed and we're going continue seeing performances like this unless those mistakes get fixed. Tech's record in now 3-5 with 4 games remaining, needing 3 wins to become bowl eligible. It's improbable, but not impossible.