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Red Raider Gridiron: More Injury Updates; Different Defensive Alignments

Texas Tech continues to work through the injuries from last week and we have updates on Grant, Marquez, Davis, Robertson and Phillips. Texas Tech is also using a bit different front seven defensive personnel recently.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Injury Update. The LAJ has an injury update, or at least who was wearing shorts and t-shirts and who was wearing pads. Wearing pads was Dominique Robertson, so that's good, but not wearing pads was the three inside receivers, Jakeem Grant, Bradley Marquez and Jordan Davis.  Kingsbury said that Grant and Marquez would not practice early this week, while Davis is recovering from a concussion.  Demetrius Alston is still in crutches while Donte Phillips has his arm in a sling.

Defensive Alignment. Also from the above linked article is that the defensive line alignment has featured Pete Robertson, Andre Ross, Branden Jackson and Jackson Richards.   Defensive line coach said that Mike Smith is working in some of the packaged items from when he was with the Jets:

"We've been using that," defensive line coach John Scott Jr. said Tuesday. "Coach (Mike) Smith has done a great job implementing some of the things he got (as a linebackers coach) with the Jets. Rex Ryan, they packaged the snot out of people. We've been implementing that piece by piece, and it seems to be effective for us."

I am honestly quite shocked that this alignment is not only effective against the pass, but it also hasn't been that bad against the run either.  Also in that article linked above, it's notebookey, is the idea that the coaches do not want to take the redshirt off of Payton Hendrix or walk-on Kisean Allen, despite the injuries at the safety position.  Safety coach Trey Haverty notes that Hendrix has a hamstring injury and couldn't play anyway.  And special teams coach Darrin Chiaverini said that punt returner Cameron Batson needs to be patient and he's proud at how Batson has played thus far:

"I tell him, ‘Don't get frustrated. Take care of the football.' And he's been doing that," Chiaverini said. "People don't realize how hard that position really is. For a true freshman to step in at this level, taking care of the football, I'm proud of the kid and he's only going to get better."

Fyfe Back to Kickoffs. From the LAJ, Kramer Fyfe is back kicking kickoffs from Taylor Symmank, and Chiaverini said that Fyfe has done well recently:

"He's been doing a great job," Chiaverini said. "It's nothing against Taylor, but Kramer's really been doing a good job the last couple of weeks, kicking the ball well on kickoffs - good height, and if he does miss it, the ball's been hanging up there too, so we've been doing a good job covering down with kicks."

Wallace Talks Texas Tech. I haven't seen all that much from one of the newer commits, DT Courtney Wallace, from Monroe, Louisiana, and he said that he is committed to Texas Tech, as long as everything goes well during his visit (he hasn't visited Lubbock yet):

"I've already done 50 percent of my homework reading about the school and talking to the coaches and now I've got to do the other 50 by seeing it for myself," Wallace said. "If it turns out right I'll stay committed. Some stuff could change but right now I feel good about where I'm at."

And yes, this is perfectly reasonable for Wallace to take this stance.

Miscellaneous. Fox Sports' David Ubben has his pre-game huddle where he focuses on the TCU offense as well as the lackluster TCU crowd . . . there may not be a person more worried about stealing signals than Gary Patterson and he said that they will change their signals this week . . . SB Nation's Bill Connelly with his weekly feature of The Numerical . . . this is really cool, this site acquired a jersey that was worn during Iowa State's only game where Jack Trice actually played.  Trice played for Iowa State and was the very first African-American player for Iowa State and passed away after suffering various injuries during that game against Minnesota in 1923 (yeah, this really happened) . . . Frogs O' War takes an initial look at the Red Raiders . . . Grantland's Matt Hinton takes a look at WVU's Clint Trickett . . . oh hey, the Big 12 fined and reprimanded Baylor SID Heath Neilson for commenting during the Baylor vs. West Virginia game . . .