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Football Across the Big XII: Week 6 Preview

Texas shutouts Kansas, the Bears take care of the Cyclones and Oklahoma State persevere. Plus a preview of next week.

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Baylor Bears

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Last Week: Baylor Bears 49, Iowa State Cyclones 28

Baylor traveled to Ames last Saturday and beat the Cyclones handily. They came out firing in the first half, outscoring the Cyclones 35-7. The Bears used a combination of pass and run plays to march their way down the field 5 times in the first half and score. They went vertical to Goodley and Coleman, effectively used the play-action and handed to ball of to Linwood for a consistent, scoring offense.  That was enough for them to let off the gas petal in the 2nd half and cruise to a 49-28 victory. Bryce Petty was 30 of 44 on the day for 336 yards, a TD and an INT, but did score on a 27 yard run. The rushing attack averaged an impressive 5.2 yards per rush on the day, with Shock Linwood leading the way. The defense only forced one turnover, but didn't allow Iowa State to score for a majority of the day and held them to 339 total yards.  Good impressive day for the Bears.

Last Week’s MVP: Shock Linwood (RB Baylor)

Linwood was outstanding throughout the day, rushing the ball 15 times for 82 yards (5.5 ypc) for 3 TDs, almost half of Baylor's touchdowns.

This Week: Saturday, October 4th @ 2:30 pm on ABC | Baylor vs. Texas

This is one game that Baylor has been looking forward to this season. Texas has talked consistently about how Baylor was still not up to their standards and weren't going to beat them again. Now Baylor has the chance to shut them up. Baylor start off with the run, getting Texas to dedicate to the run, before lighting them up in the passing game. Texas has DBs that can slow down Baylor, so the Bears should try and get them on their toes with the rushing attack. On the defensive end, they should try and force Swoopes to make decisions and force turnovers. I think Baylor edges out the Longhorns in this contest.

Baylor 35, Texas 27

Iowa State Cyclones

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Last Week: Baylor 49, Iowa State 28

Iowa State welcomed Baylor into Jack Trice Stadium last weekend and came out with a 21-point loss. The cyclones couldn't get anything going in the first half, only getting 2 first downs outside their lone touchdown. They couldn't stop Baylor either, allowing 5 first half TDs. The Cyclones improved in the 2nd half and outscored Baylor 21-14, but the Bears were already too far ahead. The offense couldn't get going and the defense struggled to keep up with Baylor. Sam Richardson was inconsistent in the passing game, completing 17 of 39 passes for 212 yards, 2 TDs and INT. He also rushed 14 times for 99 yards and a score. The Runningbacks only averaged 1.4 ypc, something that shouldn't be happening in a run first offense. Tad Ecby had 1 catch for 51 yards and a TD while Jarvis West caught 5 passes for only 37 yards. The defense let up 49 point and 600 yards of offense while only forcing 1 turnover. Not a good day overall for the Cyclones.

Last Week’s MVP: Allen Lazard (WR Iowa State)

No one really stood out to me, so my MVP is going to Allen Lazard. Lazard caught 3 balls for 47 yards, keeping the scoring drives alive

This Week: Saturday, October 4th @ 11:00 am on FS1 | Iowa State vs Oklahoma State

The schedule doesn't get any easier this week, as Iowa State heads to Stillwater to face the Cowboys this week. The Cyclones should try utilize Sam Richardson this game with short passes and option plays to try and confuse the defense. Iowa State needs to make sure Tyreek Hill doesn't get many touches and not allow Oklahoma State to create long plays down the field.

Iowa State 17, Oklahoma State 35

Kansas Jayhawks

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Last Week: Texas Longhorns 23, Kansas Jayhawks 0

Kansas was shut-out in their first Big XII game of the year, which resulted in Charlie Weis being fired. The offense was non-existent, not scoring any points and turning the ball over 4 times in the game. Two of those turnovers were before they were about the score and two gave the Longhorns easy scoring opportunities. The defense actually didn't do bad, only allowing 23 points (after the offense gave them good field position) and forcing a turnover. Montell Cozart was an atrocious 12 of 31 for 140 yards and 4 INT, while rushing 19 times for 32 yards. The duo of Avery and Mann did well, averaging 4.9 yards per carry. The WRs didn't do well, but when your QB can't throw, how are you supposed to have good numbers. If Kansas got a descent QB in their system, they could likely do a lot better.

Last Week’s MVP: De'Andre Mann (RB Kansas)

Mann did respectable last weekend, rushing the ball 17 times for 83 yards. He helped get the offense down the field throughout the game.

This Week: Saturday, October 4th @ 3:00 pm on FSN | Kansas vs. West Virginia

Kansas heads to Morgantown this weekend to face a tough West Virginia team. The Mountaineers are probably feeling good after going head to head with OU and should beat Kansas. Kansas will have to be able to defend the pass well if it wants any chance to beat West Virginia. They did an alright job against Texas and if they can keep that up, they'll have a shot againist West Virginia. On offense, try to run the ball with Mann and Avery, limiting unnecessary passing plays. WVU wins this one.

Kansas 6, West Virginia 38

Kansas State Wildcats

SB Nation Blog: Bring On The Cats

Last Week: UTEP Minors 28, Kansas State 58

Kansas State dominated UTEP last weekend, breaking out to 52-7 lead in the 3rd quarter. The Wildcats ran the ball well throughout the day, averaging 5.1 yards per carry over 6 ypc with 3 different players. Not only that, but they scored 6 times on the ground. The passing game was good also, averaging 20.9 yards per catch with a TD. The Wildcats only punted the ball 2 times in the first half, scoring on 4 possessions and returning a punt for a TD. The defense did well also, only allowing one TD in the first 3 quarters. They didn't force any turnovers, but they did block a punt early in the game and only allowed 260 yards on the day. Kansas State had great overall performance and look ready to continue Big XII play.

Last Week’s MVP: Charles Jones (RB Kansas State)

Charles Jones was impressive on the day, rushing 12 times for 76 yards (6.3 yards per carry) and 3 TDs.

This Week: Saturday, October 4th @ 6:00 pm on ESPNU | Texas Tech vs. Kansas State

You'll get coverage through the week on this game, including the best damn review you'll find in Seth C's The Huddle. I just don't think Tech can improve enough to win this game, especially with Webb hurt and Mahomes sick.

Texas Tech 24, Kansas State 45

Oklahoma Sooners

SB Nation Blog: Crimson And Cream Machine

Last Week: Bye

Last Week’s MVP: Bob Stoops (OU Coach)

No arrest this week, so that's always a plus

This Week: Saturday, October 4th @ 2:30 pm on FOX | Oklahoma vs. TCU

Oklahoma travels to Fort Worth after their bye week to face an improved TCU squad. However, TCU's toughest opponent has been Minnesota and they haven't faced a Big XII caliber team yet. Oklahoma should start off with the ground game and should keep Trevor Knight from making huge decisions against a dangerous TCU defense. On defense, they need to keep track of Trevone Boykin and make sure he doesn't get second chances outside the pocket. Stop Boykin from making plays and the Sooners should be ok.

TCU 17, Oklahoma 42

Oklahoma State Cowboys

SB Nation Blog: Cowboys Ride For Free

Last Week: Texas Tech 35, Oklahoma State 45

Oklahoma State struggled at first, but caught up in the 2nd quarter and pulled away in the 4th to beat Texas Tech. The passing game was on point for the Cowboys and the defense forced multiple turnovers in the game. The Cowboys took advantage of the Red Raider corners through the day, forcing big play after big play.  Daxx Garman did well on the day, completing 17 of 31 passes for 370 yards and 4 TDs. He throw two INTs (including one in the endzone) but played fairly well on the day. His favorite receiver on the day was Marcell Ateman, but threw touchdown passes to James Washingotn, Tyreek Hill and Blake Jarwin. The running game wasn't great, averaging only 3.8 yards per carry, but they did score 2 TDs on the ground. The defense was bad at first, but settled down in the 2nd quarter, stopping Texas Tech's offense and forced turnovers. It wasn't the best game the Cowboys played, but they got the job done.

Last Week’s MVP: Marcell Atemen (WR Oklahoma State)

Marcell Ateman was a key player in the game, bailed Oklahoma State out of many situations and kept drives alive. He had 6 catches on the day for 130 yards.

This Week: Saturday, October 4th @ 11:00 am on FS1 | Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State welcomes Iowa State into town this weekend, and Oklahoma State should be able to handle Iowa State. The Cowboys should prepare for Iowa State's rushing attack, but be ready for their intermediate passing attack. On offense, Cowboys should just stick to what they know best. They should be able to handle the Cyclones easily.

Texas Longhorns

SB Nation Blog: Burnt Orange Nation and Barking Carnival

Last Week: Texas 23, Kansas 0

Texas didn't go great this weekend, but it was enough to beat the hopeless Jayhawks. The Longhorns started off slow, punting early on in the game and not getting a lot of yards. However, thanks to a Shipley punt return and 4 turnovers, Texas was able to get a short field on 3 possessions which resulted in 17 points. Tyrone Swoops had a respectable game, completing 19 of 34 passes for 218 yards and 3 total TDs. The rushing attack didn't do very well on the day, averaging 3,4 yards per carry, including one run for 30 yards. Malcolm Brown only got 29 yards on 12 carries, while Johnathan Gray ran 13 times for 44 yards. The defense did outstanding in the game, not allowing Kansas to score, while only allowing 313 yards and forcing 4 turnovers. Texas will have a real challenge next week when they face the Big XII champs.

Last Week’s MVP: Duke Thomas (CB Texas)

Duke Thomas had two INTs on the day, one in the endzone at the end of the half and another which resulted in a Texas TD.

This Week: Saturday, October 4th @ 2:30 pm on ABC | Baylor vs. Texas

Texas has a real test this weekend as they welcome the Big XII champs into town. Duke Thomas and Quandre Diggs must be able to contain Baylor's talented WRs if they want to win. On offense, Texas has to get their rushing attack going. They haven't been able to consistently rush the ball this season, so if Texas wishes to win, they have to block better and get their rushing attack going.

TCU Horned Frogs

SB Nation Blog: Frogs O’ War

Last Week: TCU Horn Frogs 56, SMU Mustangs 0

TCU did great again last week, this time against an SMU team that has just about lost it all. TCU didn't start off as fast as expected, but picked it up once the 2nd quarter began and didn't look back. Trevone Boykin was a constant threat throughout the game, being responsible for 6 TD's on day, 4 through the air and 2 on the ground. Two of which went to Deantre' Gray, who caught 6 passes for 96 yards. The running game also was impressive, averaging 7 yards per rush on 38 carries. BJ Catalon ran 19 times for 114 yards and a TD, while Aaron Green ran the ball 5 times for 49 yards. The defense was unstoppable on the day, only allowing 245 yards, forcing 3 turnovers and shutting out the Mustangs. An good victory for TCU

Last Week’s MVP: Trevone Boykin (QB TCU)

Boykin is having numbers like a Heisman contender. This week, Boykin completed 23 of 36 passes for 280 yards and 4 TDs, while running the ball 7 times for 62 yards and 2 TDs. He'll get a test next week against a tough Sooners defense.

This Week: Saturday, October 4th @ 2:30 pm on FOX | Oklahoma vs. TCU

TCU has a tough challenge this week against on of the best teams in the Nation in Oklahoma. TCU will have to stop their rushing attack and force Trevor Knight to make decisions for them. If they can do that and create some turnovers, maybe their offense can score enough points to win the game. Give Boykin the ball, and let him make plays for your offense. There is no way TCU can win this game if Boykin is not involved.

You can watch the highlights from last week here.

West Virginia Mountaineers

SB Nation Blog: The Smoking Musket

Last Week: Bye

Last Week’s MVP: Dana Holgorsen (WVU HC)

Congrats! Your team doesn't suck this year

This Week: Saturday, October 4th @ 3:00 pm on FSN | Kansas vs. West Virginia

West Virginia plays Kansas this weekend and should be able to handle them. West Virginia should stick with their successful passing attack, as Kansas has not seen a big passing attack thus far. On defense, the Mountaineers should try and stop the run, forcing Cozart to throw the ball. Not only that, but they are playing at home. West Virginia should be able to take care of the Jayhawks.