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Texas Tech's Jakeem Grant Hospitalized After Apparent Altercation

According to multiple reports Texas Tech receiver Jakeem Grant was hospitalized overnight after a possible stabbing.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter has been abuzz all afternoon with reports that Jakeem Grant was involved in some sort of altercation at an off-campus party on Saturday night and was hospitalized as a result.

The story from KCBD:

Texas Tech Wide Receiver Jakeem Grant is recovering from minor injuries received at an off-campus Tech alumni gathering in South Lubbock County.

Grant, number 11 on the football team, was at El Fronteriso, an event center at 12403 Highway 87, when Lubbock County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Bryan Taylor said he received a laceration from what investigators believe was a knife.

Taylor said there were reports of multiple shots fired outside the center and investigators found several different bullet shell casings on the ground.

Grant and another victim were treated and released at a hospital for minor injuries. Taylor said the other victim and the suspects are still unknown at this time.

More reporting on this developing story can be found here: