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Red Raider Gridiron: Boom or Bust for Stockton; Making it to Print

RB Justin Stockton is currently a boom or bust running back and has to work on that. Kansas QB Michael Cummings gives the Jayhawks a passing shot. VTM finally makes it to print.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Two Minute Drill With Kingsbury.

Boom or Bust. The LAJ writes about how RB Justin Stockton is a boom or bust running back, either he's breaking a huge play or a stopped at the line of scrimmage and running back coach Mike Jinks says that this is a result of Stockton just not seeing the holes just yet:

It's all about seeing the holes, being more decisive and getting a feel for running inside. That's where junior DeAndre Washington has the edge.

Stockton's touchdown last week came on an inside-zone play.

"That's what I call running in the cup," Jinks said. "If he can figure that out, you've got something truly special. Right now, DeAndre sees it. He gets it. He knows when to stay inside. He knows when to bounce. Justin sometimes gets caught in between."

Cummings Gives it a Shot. After spending most of the year with Montrell Cozart as the starting quarterback, Kansas is turning to Michael Cummings, who was pretty good passing the ball last week and Cummings says that the biggest thing from is repetition with the receivers, via the CJOnline:

"Repetition with the receivers, knowing what they're going to do in certain situations, knowing where to put the ball to different receivers," Cummings said. "Confidence plays a role in completing any pass but mainly deep passes because the majority of the responsibility is on the receiver. You have to trust the receiver to go up and get the ball and that he's gonna be where he's supposed to be."

And via the LAJ, Cummings isn't always pretty according to his head coach Clint Bowen, but he gets the job done:

"He (brings) what we wanted out of that position," Kansas interim coach Clint Bowen said. "Some leadership, some toughness, a guy that people could rally around. (Was it) pretty? No, not always pretty.

"Kind of a junkyard-dog-type quarterback."

I've Finally Made It to Print. Well, it only took 8 years, but I finally made it to newspaper print, thanks to Daniel Harmsen at the Kansan, the student newspaper for the Jayhawks.  I'm not a real reporter, as Blayne Beal and Don Williams made it very clear earlier this week when they noted the Frogs 'O War gaffe with the Treyvone Boykin breaking news and then retraction, you know, because VTM doesn't have real journalists.  Now, we're not real journalists and most of us don't give a flip if we are or we aren't "real" journalists, but we have a helluva lot more fun and we still get to write about the team we love. Anyway, I feel like this:

Miscellaneous. The DMN has you covered with a nice prediction if you like Texas Tech wins and they also have five things to know about Kansas . . . Rock Chalk Talk asks themselves and answers five questions about this week's game . . . IR Jakeem Grant is featured on the Big 12 site and talks a bit about his story . . .