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Texas Tech loses 37-34 to West Virginia

Texas Tech loses in the last seconds on a 55 yard field goal by West Virginia.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech loses in heartbreaking fashion, at the end of regulation, on a 55 yard field goal by West Virginia with no time left on the clock.

The game was tied 34-34 and Texas Tech had the ball with one minute left and decided to punt facing 4th and 3 and gave West Virginia one last shot to win the game.  Kingsbury's decision to not go for it, resulted in just a net of about 26 yards as Taylor Symmank punted the ball into the endzone.  the defense failed to stop West Virginia at all the last two drives and Davis Webb could hardly complete a pass in the last drive to get to the point where Texas Tech could kick a field goal.

West Virginia trailed almost the entire game, up until the last few seconds.

I can't believe I have to write 10 things tomorrow morning.