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Red Raider Gridiron: Washington's Comeback; WVU's Worley Returns

DeAndre Washington talks about his comeback from an ACL injury. Texas Tech will face the formidable duo of Clint Trickett and Kevin White, plus WVU cornerback Daryl Worley returns after a two game suspension.

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Two Minute Drill with Kingsbury.

Trickett & White. The LAJ has a look at the formidable duo of QB Clint Trickett and WR Kevin White, who pose significant match-up problems for Texas Tech and here's Trickett talking about why the West Virginia offense is so much better this year:"

I'm healthy, first of all," Trickett said this week. "For me, that's probably the biggest difference. All around as a team, we return damn near everyone. We're comfortable in the offense, we're comfortable here, we're comfortable with the coaches and we trust what's going on.

"Last year, we weren't comfortable. We didn't know what was going on. I was injured. At times, other people were injured. So many things kept us from being successful.

"Comfort in the offense is off the charts for every single one of us out there."

The LAJ also has a notebook of things, including some thoughts on stopping the special teams of WVU and what Texas Tech saw to go for the fake punt last week.

Washington's Comeback. The official site has an article about how RB DeAndre Washington came back from the ACL injury to be as good or even better than before he was injured and he talked about how redshirting the 2012 season was the best thing for him:

"If I couldn't contribute to the team then it didn't make sense to go out there," Washington said of his second season at Tech - his first after the injury. "I think redshirting was the best thing that could have happened to me."

Worley's Impact. The guys at The Smoking Musket think about the impact of the return of CB Daryl Worley:

Worley's return to the Mountaineers will mean that opposing offenses will have to know where he is on the field. His return changes the game planning of other teams offenses because he is an impact player that can pick the ball off and make big tackles. Worley will help keep the next four opponents offenses somewhat honest.

ESPN Things. ESPN has their week 7 predictions and two of the three writers predict a loss. They also write about important players for week 7, including RB DeAndre Washington.  And they finally write that West Virginia is better equipped to play in Lubbock because they played in Lubbock a few years ago.

Miscellaneous. PFT Commenter goes to Texas to watch football and good times ensue . . . blog friends at the State of the U are predicting a Texas Tech upset of West Virginia . . . Sports On Earth is asking for votes to determine the best stadium in the Big 12 . . . Football Study Hall has their weekly picks, including WVU vs. TTU . . . the Metro News, a WVU newspaper, looks at some of the quotes from Kingsbury and Webb on Webb's struggles at quarterback . . . I have a difficult time spelling "athenaeum" but here is The Daily Athenaeum previewing the game . . . the Register Herald writes about how WVU hasn't really gotten on track running the ball (they are averaging over 170 yards a game!) . . .