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Who is visiting for the Texas Tech / West Virginia Game?

As we approach tomorrow's game, we take a look at who will be visiting and what needs to happen over the weekend.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

There is more than a win at steak this weekend. Many of Texas Tech's top recruits will be in town to cheer on the Red Raiders and explore the great University of Texas Tech. Here is a list of some recruits that are attending and what could possibly influence them to pick the Red Raiders:

The Commits

Jarrett Stidham - Quarterback (Stephenville HS, Stephenville, TX)

Height Weight 40 time Vertical Power Throw Ratings
6'3" 185 lbs 4.57 (4.38 shuttle) 31.1 32.5 98 (247), 86 (ESPN), 6.0 (Rivals), 5-star (Scout)

Stidham visits Lubbock once again this weekend, the 3rd time this season. This visit is his most important one yet. That is because Stidham has 3 possible receiver targets coming into Lubbock (two that are in the Top 150) and a Top 100 O-linemen from the 2017 class. While Kingsbury and company are doing their job on the field, Stidham can talk to these recruits throughout the game and convince them that they need to be Red Raiders. What's more appealing than the Top QB in the nation convincing you to catch passes from you? Having Stidham in ear of the recruits throughout the game will be a huge recruiting tool for the Red Raiders

Breiden Fehoko - Defensive Tackle (Farrington HS, Honolulu, HI)

Height Weight Shuttle Vertical Bench Ratings
6'3" 290 lbs 4.75 24.7" 405 lbs 97 (247), 85 (ESPN), 5.9 (Rivals), 5-star (Scout)

Breiden Fehoko will take his lone official visit this weekend to Lubbock. His regular season just ended and will be taking advantage of the bye week to visit Lubbock again. There one defensive recruits attending this game (S Christian Taylor), but Jack Anderson has already expressed interest via Twitter in meeting and hanging out with Breiden Fehoko. He could also help talk to offensive recruits about joining the team. When two of the Top 50 recruits in the nation are talking to you about joining their team, people start listening. Having Fehoko there will really help with recruiting.

Football Recruits

Tyron Johnson - Wide Receiver (Warren Eastern HS, New Orleans, LA)

Height Weight 40 time Vertical Power Throw Ratings
6'1" 185 lbs 4.52 (4.31 shuttle) 33" 38' 97 (247), 88 (ESPN), 6.1 (Rivals), 4-star (Scout)

After having to cancel his official visit to Arkansas, Tyron Johnson to finally making his trip to Lubbock this weekend. This will be his only official visit this season. He has visited Clemson (named leader two months ago), LSU, A&M and others, but the Texas Tech visit will the only visit in the last few months. Tyron Johnson will get the opportunity to talk with Jarrett Stidham, whom he talked to before at The Opening, and get familiarized with the Quarterback. A strong relationship between the two could cause Tyron Johnson to pull the trigger. On the field, Johnson would likely like to see to WRs to be involved in many clever ways. A player he might be keeping an eye on is Reginald Davis, who plays a lot like Johnson would if he were in Texas Tech's offense. Tyron Johnson could start at outside receiver (with all the switching around in recent weeks) or Marquez's position once he graduates. Hopefully Johnson will see a chance to start early. One thing that could've helped Tech is Speedy Noil's performance for Texas A&M thus far. Like Johnson, Noil was the Top Louisiana WR. He choose an Air Raid offense in A&M this winter and so far has done great in the offense. Hopefully Tyron Johnson sees that and thinks he can make the same impact for an Air Raid offense like Texas Tech.

Carlos Strickland - Wide Receiver (Skyline HS, Dallas, TX)

Height Weight 40 time Vertical Power Throw Ratings
6'5" 195 lbs 4.72 (Shuttle 4.28) 28.7" 31' 90 (247), 82 (ESPN), 5.9 (Rivals), 4-star (Scout)

Carlos Strickland will be taking his official visit to Texas Tech after talking to the Red Raiders for several months now. Ever time Carlos Strickland names a Top 5, Texas Tech is listed as one of the schools. This time around, Texas Tech was listed in his Top 4 along with Cal, UCLA and favorite TCU. He will take his official to Cal next weekend and TCU the week after that (for the Texas Tech game). Luckily for the Red Raiders, Tech will be the only school out of the four to have a Top rated QB at the game, which could help Texas Tech. Also, the fact that Tyron Johnson is there could maybe spark a relationship and thoughts of joining forces and become a powerhouse for TTU. There isn't really a player on the field like Carlos Strickland, but I'm sure Kingsbury and Co have mentioned to him that Tech needs a tall WR and would benefit from his addition. Having a tall receiver could provide Tech's QB with a safe target, similar to Jace Amaro or Darrin Moore when they were Red Raiders. He likely won't decide this weekend with two more official visits to go, but a good atmosphere and need for his position could go a long way with Strickland.

AD Miller - Wide Receiver (Bishop Dunne HS, Dallas, TX)

Height Weight 40 time Ratings
6'3" 175 lbs 4.5 84 (247), 79 (ESPN), 5.6 (Rivals), 3-star (Scout)

Adrian Miller received an offer from Texas Tech roughly a month ago, and this weekend will be visiting the Red Raiders. He is currently committed to Illinois, but has had his recruitment open and is looking at other programs. According to Scout, AD Miller also plans to visit Arizona State (10/18) and possibly Nebraska this fall. He hasn't planned an official visit to Illinois yet. Miller is another big WR target that Texas Tech would like to add to it's WR core. With Stidham and two other WR targets there, they could form some sort of relationship with one of the players and help him switch over to the Red Raiders. Also, maybe former teammate Payton Hendrix could help influence Miller to switch over from Illinois to Texas Tech. One player that Miller could look at during the game is Dylan Cantrell. He could see how Texas Tech plans to use a WR of his capability and how he affects Texas Tech offense. Cantrell doesn't necessarily have to play well, but getting him involved could influence Miller a little bit. The Red Raiders have been on good ground with Miller lately, and a strong showing could possibly get Miller to flip.

Christian Taylor - Safety (Jersey Village HS, Houston, TX)

Height Weight 40 time Vertical Bench & Squat Ratings
6'1" 185 lbs 4.75 (4.29 Shuttle) 36" 255 lbs & 360 lbs 85 (247), NR (ESPN), 5.4 (Rivals), 2-star (Scout)

Christian Taylor will be lone defensive recruit in town this weekend (besides commit Breiden Fehoko) and will be taking his only official visit thus far. Taylor said a couple months ago that Louisville and Texas Tech were at the top of his list, but recently he told Scout that Texas Tech was now the favorite. Tech doesn't have a secondary player yet this class and are looking to add a few DBs in 2015. Breiden Fehoko will be at the game and will likely talk to Taylor about joining him on the defensive side of the ball. On the field, Taylor will likely look at how Mike Smith uses safeties in his system and see where he would fit. Taylor will like play Keenan Ward's position the most, so he's a player Taylor will likely watch. With Christian having no other official visits planned and naming Texas Tech a favorite, he's a player that could commit at any moment. Definitely a guy to keep an eye on.

Jack Anderson - Center (Frisco HS, Frisco, TX)

Height Weight Ratings
6'4" 275 lbs 90 (247), NR (ESPN), NR (Rivals), 4-star (Scout)

Jack Anderson is a 2017 Center that the Red Raiders have known about for a while. They discovered him when scouting in Frisco and offered him a scholarship earlier in the year. Frisco Centennial player Trace Ellison is currently committed to Texas Tech and Jack Anderson is a Tech legacy himself. In fact, early in the year, he stated that Texas Tech was his dream school. So the Red Raiders have a lot going for them. Jack announced his plans to attend the West Virginia game this summer along with the Oklahoma game later in the year. Jack Anderson officially stated he was attending the game again this week and expressed excitement in hanging out with Breiden Fehoko via Twitter. This will be his 2nd visit this year, with his first being the TCU game last weekend. There's not a whole lot right now that can really impress a 2017 recruits, but having a strong offensive line never hurt anyone. Jack likely won't decide anytime soon, so don't expect a commitment from Anderson after this weekend.

Basketball Recruits

Jordan Jackson - Point Guard (St. Pius X, Houston, TX)

Height Weight Ratings
6'3" 175 lbs 84 (247), 78 (ESPN), NR (Rivals)

Jordan Jackson will be taking the 4th of his 5 official visits this weekend at Texas Tech, a school he is very interested in. Jackson is a shifty point guard with sneaky athleticism and the ability to shot the long range jumper. He is also a great passer and intelligent. Basically everything I want in a point guard. The main reason why Jackson is interested in Tech is because of the level of competition Texas Tech has and the fact that Tubby Smith is their head coach. His mother (Sheryl Swoopes) attend Tech in the 90's, but that's not a major reason why Jackson likes the Red Raiders. There is no basketball game this weekend, so he won't get to see a game, but he will get a chance to see the Red Raiders practice. He plans to visit Bowling Green next weekend and then he'll be done visiting schools. He could commit this weekend if he absolutely falls in love with Tech, but he could also wait until he's visited everywhere he wanted. Tech does not yet have a commit for the 2015 class.

Kaiser Gates - Small Forward (St. Francis, Alpharetta, GA)

I originally saw reports that Kaiser Gates was supposed to visit for the Kansas game, but according to Chris Level, he will be visiting Texas Tech this weekend. Kaiser has been someone on Texas Tech's radar since December when Tubby and Co offered Gates and have been recruiting him hard since. He recently has had Missouri at the Top of his list, but according to 247, Xavier now looks to be on top (He visited there two weekends ago). He doesn't have an official visit set up for Missouri yet. Tech currently doesn't have a pure small forward (you could argue that Gray is a SG and Smith is a PF), so that's something that could stand out to Gates. He hasn't said why he's so interested in Tech, but if I had to guess why, I would say the level of competition and the fact that Tubby is a legendary coach. Hopefully he'll commit to Texas Tech after the game. It would be the biggest basketball commit in a long time (if not ever).

For those who want to know what the football recruits will be doing this weekend, Breiden Fehoko tweeted out a itinerary. However, I advise you, please don't try to meet them and start recruiting them. Leave that to Kliff Kingsbury and Co.

Hopefully I'll have to write many stories next week.