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Red Raiders in the NFL 10.1.14

Amaro is quietly making a case as the Jet's best TE. Crabtree shows his resilience. Waddle is day-to-day, and Amendola is dead to Tom Brady.

Ron Antonelli

Amaro Stepping Up. The New York Jets had a rough week, losing 24-17 to the Detroit Lions, but Jace Amaro had his best game yet. He is emerging as the same type of security blanket for Geno Smith that he was for our young quarterbacks last year. He is currently only playing 30-40% of snaps, but hopefully that will change soon, as he caught everything thrown his way averaging 11.6 yards per catch on Sunday in the Jet's struggling offense. For this reason, some are lobbying for Amaro to be the primary TE in the Jets offense:

"So when you look into [Amaro's] statistics, it's hardly surprising to see he is rated as the 13th best TE in the league at the moment. His run blocking is 10th best and he's caught 11 of the 13 passes that have come his way, which is an 84.6% completion for the QB, good for 11th best in the league. He's coming off a game where he caught 5 of 5 passes thrown his way. He's 15th in total yards even though he's only played 92 snaps this season.

-David Wyatt of Gang Green Nation

Crabtree left game injured but quickly returned. In Sunday's win against the Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Crabtree left with what seemed like a foot injury. He returned on the next drive after being spotted on the sideline working with trainers stretching out what appeared to be a plantar fascia issue. Crabtree hauled in 5 passes for 43 yards in a game where Kaepernick seemed a bit off. However, Crabtree continues to be a favorite target in the San Francisco 49ers offense. A defender also yanked Crabtree's helmet off after he made a catch, and he was undeterred and just kept trying to get a few more yards. Interestingly, there was no penalty for it; you can watch video of the play here.

Broncos off this week. Since the Denver Broncos had a bye this week, Wes Welker made an appearance in Stillwater to support Kingsbury and first-time DC Mike Smith. Wish we could have suited him up in one of those uniforms that you guys love/hate and given Webb a sure-handed target in the middle.

Waddle is day-to-day. Every week LaAdrian Waddle makes a liar out of me, as I report that he's returning this week from his calf injury. I'm a little slow, but I've got it now. No need to give real information when you can just say someone is day-to-day, which can mean pretty much anything.

Don't fall for it. As I said, he's day-to-day.

Cody Davis continues to perform well on special teams and as a backup safety for the St. Louis Rams.

Intentionally Ignoring Amendola. I'm going to take a page from the New England Patriots' playbook and ignore Danny Amendola.