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Under Armour's Contract with Texas Tech and Other Under Armour Schools

Texas Tech's contract with Under Armour was released by the Portland Business Journal. How does Texas Tech compare to other Under Armour schools?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Business Journal has all of the apparel and equipment contracts for every college (most likely that is subject to Freedom of Information Act) (via Portland Business Journal). You could spent a ton of time looking at every school and I wanted to take a look at just the Under Armour colleges. As an aside, Boston College and Northwestern were not in the database, I assume because they are private universities and not subject to FOIA requests. Texas Tech has $1,450,000 in equipment and apparel allowance and receive $700,000 in cash. Here are some of the other Under Armour colleges:

Maryland: $1,900,000 (allowance) $1,475,000 (cash) = $3,375,000
Utah: $1,816,000 (allowance) $550,000 (cash) = $2,366,000
Texas Tech: $1,450,000 (allowance) $700,000 (cash) = $2,150,000
South Carolina: $2,050,000 (allowance) $1,050,000 (cash) = $3,100,000
Auburn: $2,500,00 (allowance) $1,750,000 (cash) = $4,250,000
South Florida: $1,025,000 (allowance) $550,000 (cash) = $1,575,000

Texas Tech receives the least amount overall between Maryland, Utah, South Carolina and Auburn, which is a bit discouraging, but then I started to look a bit deeper.

I didn't read the entire contract (linked below), but I did take the time to look at the contract and the timing of it. The contract was signed in 2009, prior to Kirby Hocutt being named as athletic director for Texas Tech, and this contract is set to expire on June 30, 2014 (paragraph 2, page 3). The obvious inclination on my part is that the amount that Texas Tech is set to receive is going to increase, most likely fairly significantly. I did not review the contract dates for the other universities listed above.

I took the liberty of downloading the contract for your viewing pleasure (PDF). I did think it was nteresting with respect as to when certain teams (football team, women's basketball team) are included as teams that Under Armour will include, which is why you didn't see every team of Texas Tech entirely decked out in Under Armour gear until just a couple of years ago.

It's also pretty interesting in that now you know when to expect Texas Tech to announce a new deal with Under Armour, which will be some time in June if things go well.

Lastly, if you thought that Texas Tech had some new uniform combinations this past year? Just wait. With more funds available, the number of football uniforms isn't going to decrease any.