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Red Raider Gridiron | Texas Tech Commits Shine in Post-Season Play

A handful of Texas Tech commits have played extremely well in post-season games as well as players receiving All-State recognition.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Good Monday morning.  It's going to be a fun week. A real fun week.  We have a men's basketball game tonight as well as an open thread for the BCS National Championship.  A pretty good little post from LSRR will drop later today as well.  One other note is that I flipped to a new section after the Holiday Bowl, which I considered to be the end of the 2013 season.

Also, I started doing some positional reviews and previews last week, starting with the defensive line, but after reflecting on it, I decided that I'm better off waiting until after National Signing Day, which is February 5, 2014.  Plus I knew I could do a better job making tables and so I did that over the weekend.  It's going to be better.  We'll figure out some other way to entertain you.


Stockton Shines: Justin Stockton is pretty good at football. He played in the S.A. Sports All-Star Football Game and just scored five touchdowns, three of which were a 98 yard and 95 yard return plus an 85 yard run (via SAEN).  When he gets to Texas Tech he's probably just going to average 50 yards a carry. Stockton was also named the San Antonio All-Area Offensive Player of the Year (via SAEN).

Amaro Continues Intern Status: TE Jace Amaro continues his unpaid intern status and wrote about breakthrough moments for the SAEN (via SAEN) mainly talking about OU's Travis Knight's moment in the Sugar Bowl.

Batson to Receiver: Texas Tech commit Cameron Batson is named to the Oklahoma All-State Football Team and talks about his year in high school and his transition to receiver (via NewsOK).  There's some video there, so you get to listen to him talk a bit.  Here's Batson:

"Going from quarterback back to receiver, I think I'll be a better receiver than I was. Texas Tech will definitely get me ready for the next level, so I can possibly play in the NFL, hopefully one day."

Introspective Montgomery: Fellow Texas Tech commit Mildren Montgomery was also named to the Oklahoma All-State Football Team and he also talked about his commitment to Texas Tech (via NewsOK).  Montgomery was initially listed as a 6-4/250 offensive lineman, but he says he's filled out to 6-5/275.  Again, there's video, so check it out.  Here's Montgomery on being committed to working on his craft:

"I never thought I'd be here as an All-Stater, going to an All-America game," he said. "But for the hours and days and months that I put in in my backyard with my father — some hard work in early mornings and late nights — I can't say that I'm surprised, because this is what I've been working toward my whole life."

Hendrix Playing Well at Semper Fi: Texas Tech commit S Payton Hendrix played last night in the Semper Fidelis All-American.  I didn't watch, but leading up to the game, Hendrix was mentioned a couple of times as having an excellent week of practice by 24/7 Sports (via 24/7 Sports Day 3 and 24/7 Sports Day 2).

Action: I missed this last week, but this is a pretty cool video of the team visiting the USS Ronald Reagan the day before the Holiday Bowl: