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Texas Tech Hoops | VTM Staff Weekly Roundtable (Week #12)

Different thoughts and opinions from the VTM staff members on certain questions and topics about the Red Raiders basketball team. This week we discuss TCU coming to Lubbock and how worried we are.

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TCU is struggling this year, and they had another knock last weekend when they found out starting freshman center Karviar Shepherd will undergo surgery on his non-shooting hand and was ruled out indefinitely. The first time Tech played TCU it was a super sloppy game that Tech put away no problem 60-49 even with Shepherd on the court (15 points, 7 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 1 steal). Are you worried about TCU coming into Lubbock and getting a win against Texas Tech on Saturday? Answer on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not worried at all, and 10 being extremely worried) and explain why.

Seth - I'm not all that worried, especially with Shepherd out, it's going to be tough for TCU to score points. Shepherd was actually pretty good with TCU when Texas Tech last played (as you mention), but without a true inside presence, it's going to be completely up to the guards to get things done. Texas Tech is actually pretty good at home thus far, 8-4, and I think Tubby has this team hungry to not just compete, but they want to win. After the game, Dusty Hannahs was emphatic that this team doesn't want to just compete:

“It is not good enough. We just cannot pride ourselves on moral victories, because we do not believe in that. It is a different year and a different team. We just have to come in here and win.”

LSRR - It looks like I'm going to place myself at about a 4. On one hand, I saw how well we played at times against OU on Saturday (I didn't get to watch the KSU game). OU's ability to hit dagger after dagger whenever we went on a bit of a run really kept them in the game. But, on the other hand, we blew our comfortable lead against TCU in the first half of our first meeting. It's a home game this time around, and our guys are better than Texas Christian. I think the losing streak ends Saturday.

kevinkinsler - 3. At first I kind of expected that we will see another sloppy game against TCU. It’s such a drop in quality of opponent compared to our recent games that I could see the good guys come out flat. However, with the recent results we’ve had in the loss column, I think Tubby will have the team focused and ready to go. He may take some moral victories from the other games, but this is one he won’t accept dropping, and neither would the fan base, especially without Shepherd.

SARR - I'd say a 3 or 4. It's hard to find good things during a losing streak but one thing I really like about this team is that they seem to be in every game. There have been no 40 point blow outs which had become commonplace over the past 4 years. Tubby is making this team competitive, but he's not settling. There are no moral victories in his eyes. A loss is a loss and you can see that accountability building. For that reason I'm pretty confident that Tech can handle TCU.

RndRckTTU - I am at a "1" for this game against TCU. The Red Raiders have gained more experience and training under Coach Tubby Smith since their game in Fort Worth. The next game is against Oklahoma State but we have a whole 7 days to rest, study and set-up a game plan and practice to get ready for that game. So I do not see us looking past TCU. I think the Red Raiders play focused and hard against the Horned Frogs and get the win and get "The USA" rocking again. It is a double-header day again this Saturday. The MBB play at 12:30 CST and then the Lady Raiders play at 4:00. Wreck'Em!!

MikeTTU - I don't think that Texas Tech will have a problem this up coming game. In fact, I'll give them a 2 for this game. With Shepherd out, TCU lacks a real paint presence, and Tech should be able to attack the rim and score. Even though Tech is on a losing streak right now, they are playing at home, and Tubby will get this team ready to face this TCU squad. As long as Kravic, Tolbert and Crockett can attack the paint and gets points, we will win this game. If that work, our guards could probably out play them. I'm pretty confident that Texas Tech will win this game.

DanSwany - On the scale I’m at a 2, because only a colossal meltdown should cause this game to be close at the end. Even with Shepherd on the court in Fort Worth we outscored them 30-14 in the paint. We had 15 turnovers to their 7, but still walked away with a double digit win. We were 2-10 from downtown, but that didn’t matter. We outrebounded them 41-29… I don’t need to go on anymore. We cannot just waltz onto the floor tomorrow and win, but we have the upper-hand in this game.

It should be a blowout victory if we can shutdown Amric Fields and Kyan Anderson. I’m not getting arrogant, but I feel confident enough in our squad that we can blow away this depleted TCU team. The gameplan should be to go inside and stuff the ball down their throat and play some suffocating perimeter defense. Our frontcourt needs to dominate. I cannot wait to watch this game, I’m sure our players are licking their chops. Wreck ‘em Tech!