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Michael Brewer Announces Plans to Transfer from Texas Tech

After months of speculation and rumors, Michael Brewer finally announced today his plans to transfer in May after graduating from Texas Tech University.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

So apparently where there was smoke there was fire. It's been speculated for months but today Michael Brewer made it official. He will transfer after graduating in May.

I wrote the piece below in early November and hoped it would gather dust on the invisible bookshelves at VTM forever, but it's not the case. We don't know all the details, but from an outsider's perspective something certainly seemed amiss as the season progressed.

I'm still supportive of Coach Kingsbury and the direction he wants to lead the program, but for now we are left to face the 2014 season with sophomore to be Davis Webb and incoming freshman Patrick Mahomes, along with a few late commitments in the past few weeks. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, Brewer's transfer marks the 3rd quarteback to leave the team in the last few months joining Baker Mayfield and Clayton Nicholas. There is obviously a reason for concern, the degree to which is up to you.

Keep your fingers crossed that Mahomes isn't lured away by the prospects of playing Major League Baseball, and keep your fingers crossed that we see more of the Davis Webb we saw during the 1st half of the Holiday Bowl. As for Michael Brewer, I want to wish you the best of luck. You're a class act and all of us at VTM wish you the best. In your announcement today you closed with

I feel it's the right decision for me moving forward. As always, Guns Up!

That's a perfect way to leave it.


Draft written in early November:

There are a ton of rumors swirling regarding Michael Brewer's future at Texas Tech. Instead of diving into the flow charts that would be necessary to explain the source of these rumblings, let's just focus on the things we know:

  • Brewer was the supposed front runner to win the QB job heading into fall camp.
  • Apparently, sometime in August, Brewer suffered a back injury. Of course it could've been in July. Or the spring. No one knows for sure, because no one inside the walls of Texas Tech Football is talking.
  • Brewer was cleared to play prior to the Kansas game on October 5th. He got a few snaps in garbage time.
  • Brewer hasn't seen the field since, even though the team has obviously struggled, particularly during the last three weeks.
  • Coach Kingsbury has said that Brewer isn't getting playing time because he isn't getting reps in practice.
  • Presumably, Coach Kingsbury determines who gets reps during practice.
  • Neither Baker Mayfield or Davis Webb played well during a blow-out loss to Kansas State last Saturday, but Coach Kingsbury remains non-committal as to whether Michael Brewer will be given a chance to play this week versus Baylor.
Maybe I'm naive, or maybe I should be wearing a tin foil hat, but something seems odd here. It's been over a month since Brewer was cleared to play, but he's still not in shape? If he's not getting the reps in practice, why isn't anyone asking why?

And with Patrick Mahomes set to join the Red Raiders as a high profile commit in 2014, along with the two freshmen who've seen significant playing time this year, Michael Brewer could be the odd man out. If that's the case, it would be a dramatic turn of events for the young man and the for the Red Raider football program.

Here's to hoping for the best for all involved.