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Red Raider Gridiron | Another Walk-On QB?; Profile on Argyle Program

Texas Tech may be getting another walk-on quarterback in Marble Falls quarterback Mike Richardson. A good profile on the Argyle football program and that a college program won't make a mistake signing those players.

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Hey, y'all. You really need to stick around VTM today.  It's going to be a good day.  SARR has something special for you that's probably going to make your pants fly around the room. If you are at work, I feel sorry for you.

In other news, yesterday, we found out that former Marble Falls quarterback Mike Richardson (6-1/195) would be walking-on at Texas Tech.  This is a strange trip because I really don't know all that much, but from what I can tell, Richardson was a record-setting quarterback at Marble Falls last year and was supposed to attend Blinn College, but that didn't pan out for whatever reason (via Daily Tribune).  Richardson threw for over 700 yards in a game against Boerne his senior year and Sports Illustrated gives you a pretty good idea of who Richardson is (via SI).  Richardson's coach at Marble Falls was Todd Dodge.  Yes, that Todd Dodge, of Southlake Carroll fame.

You can watch Richardson's video (via Hudl or YouTube).  Richardson only had two profile pages (via Scoutand ESPN).  There isn't an offer or that there's no activity for a player that looks better than their star rating, you can almost be assured that grades are an issue.  That goes for just about any player.  Anyone that's watched any amount of high school film of a quarterback knows that Richardson can play.

This makes two walk-on quarterbacks, Tanner Tausch from Kilgore and Richardson.


Argyle Makes Mark: ESPN has a really good look at the football program at Argyle and writes a bit about two Texas Tech commits, Ian Sadler and Connor Wilson (via ESPN).  Argyle's head coach, Todd Rodgers, had a pretty good quote about his players:

"College coaches stop by and check out the kids," Rodgers said. "We may or may not have very many in the upcoming years, but they can’t leave a stone unturned when they come to Argyle.

"One thing’s for sure: They’re not going to make a mistake on a kid from Argyle. They’re going to find good football players. They’re big, they’re physical, they run fast, and they can contribute at the Division I level."

Look at the Committed Players: I've actually worked on something this past weekend, a look at the committed players as well as some possible options about who might commit.  I'm probably going to post these on Friday and have broken it up by the JUCO's, the defense, offense and the guys who might pick Texas Tech.  I also very much felt that it was appropriate to look at some of the committed players from the past two classes on defense. Anyway, the LAJ has beat me to the publish date and they first look at the quarterback and running back commits (via LAJ).

B+: Texas Tech received a B+ (via USA Today).

2014 Predictions: A look at the Big 12 in 2014 (via FoxSports).