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Hey Jakeem, You Didn't Get The Memo

Baker Mayfield gets demoted and decides to transfer. Jakeem Grant gets demoted, works hard, gets back on the first team and stars in the bowl game. Which one is handling a demotion correctly?

Jakeem Grant being mauled by teammates. Obviously not getting the memo.
Jakeem Grant being mauled by teammates. Obviously not getting the memo.
Donald Miralle

Hey folks. I know we've all been preoccupied with this whole Baker Mayfield stuff. You know, he transferred to Oklahoma and he just didn't understand why he was benched after a pretty bad game against the Longhorns.

Anyway, I wanted to pass along a memo that Jakeem Grant obviously didn't receive in regards to how to react to being benched.

According to Mr. Mayfield, the best way to handle being benched is to transfer to a Big 12 school, tell the media that you weren't going to get on scholarship, despite the fact that your coach was going to put you on scholarship in the spring, tell everyone that there was a miscommunication and then say that Oklahoma is just a better school. Texas Tech blocked Mayfield from transferring to a Big 12 school and most likely anyone on the non-conference schedule.

Mayfield can still go to Oklahoma, he just has to sit out a year, because players transferring to any school, especially a school within the conference, at any time for any reason would maybe be a bad idea, despite the fact that coaches can do this.  As an aside, universities can do something about this by writing buyouts into contracts for assistant coaches if they want.  You can see DMN's Kevin Sherrington for your traditional reasoning of "this just isn't fair" and the NCAA has too many rules restricting player movement.  Sherrington makes the comparison between Cumbie and Mayfield being able to "transfer" as Cumbie had no penalty.  Again, if athletic directors of head coaches were worried about it, there would be something in the contract, sorta like the NCAA.  If you don't want to play by the NCAA rules, then don't sign up.

Mayfield's appeal was denied (via LAJ).  Again, Mayfield can still go to Oklahoma and walk-on there too, or really just about anywhere else other than the Big 12.

For those of you not following along, I should catch you up on Jakeem. He was pretty much benched for the Texas game. I can't recall for sure, but I know that he didn't make a catch and if he played, I didn't notice. Anyway, from all accounts, Grant must have worked his tail off in getting back in the starting line-up from the Texas game until the Holiday Bowl, where Grant caught 6 passes for 89 yards, and 2 touchdowns.

Grant surely didn't understand that he was to run to the media and complain about there being no communication as well as transfer.

You're obviously not doing it right. You're not to supposed to take a demotion as motivation to be better, work hard to get back to being a starter and then shine in the bowl game. That's ridiculously logical. You know, to take that constructive criticism and actually do some hard work to make things right.

Anyway, I just thought I'd pass along the standard operating procedure so that you know what to do from this point forward.